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#1168MGD-Nozzle Chamber for Thermonuclear Ignition

Development of an MHD-Nozzle Device for Further Additional Compression of Plasma and for Obtaining Thermonuclear Reaction Ignition Conditions

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#2698Tungsten Nuclear Data

Evaluation and Integral Validation of Nuclear Data of Tungsten – Candidate Material of Fusion Reactor Diverter

#3880Yields of Residual Nuclei from Proton-Irradiated Materials

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Residual Nuclide Production in 40-2600 MeV Proton-Irradiated Thin Targets of ADS Basic Materials

#K-2421Lithium. Tritium.

Hydrogen Isotopes Interaction with Lithium Surfaces of Various States under Reactor Irradiation