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#0347High-Temperature Fuel Elements

Investigation of Promising Fuel Materials for PWR Having Maneuverable Operating Conditions.

#0534.2Uranium Dioxide Properties

Investigation Properties of Uranium Dioxide Advanced and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium fuels (MOX) for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics to Provide Certification Fuel and Verification of Computational Models for Parameters Definition of Ox

#0565Structure of Fuel Elements

Study of Structure of Materials Based on U-Pu-Zr alloy, their Thermodynamic Properties and Interaction with Materials of Fuel Element Shell under Quasi-Isothermal Conditions and Conditions of Non-stationary Exposure

#0617Coated Particles in Reactors

Use of Coated Particles of High-temperature Reactors in Reactors in Reactor Core of Operated WWER with Purpose of Safety Increase

#0628Chemical Cycle of Molten Salt Reactor (ATW)

The Development of Chemical Cycle of Molten Fluoride Salts Reactor Fuel Reprocessing (ATW Concept, Waste Transmutation)

#0721In-Pile Tests of Very High Burn-Up Fuel

In-Pile Tests of New Generation Fuels for VVERs of Different Purpose

#0730Molten Salt Fluoride Fuel

Study of Physico-chemical and Electrochemical Properties of the ADTT Fluoride Nuclear Fuel and Foundation of its Reprocessing

#0814Modeling of UO2 Behavior

Uranium Dioxide Properties/Behavior at High Burnups under Reted and Emergency Conditions Determined through Out-of-Pile Modeling

#0859Corrosive Destruction of Plutonium

Corrosive Destruction and Migration of Plutonium from Drowned Radiation-Hazard Objects and its Accumulation in the Marine Environment Components

#0867Cermet Compositions for Nuclear Fuel

Cermet Compositions with Nuclear Fuel Volume Fraction up to 80% for Fuel Elements of Nuclear Power Plants of Various Applications

#1193Fuel Materials with Non-Uranium Diluent

Development of Fabrication Technology and Studies into the Properties of Fuel Materials Containing Skeleton-Type Inert Diluent (Without U-238) to Utilize Weapon Grade and Civil Pu as well as Minor Actinides (Np, Am, Cm, etc.) in Power Reactors With Improv

#1249Validation of Fuel Elements for PU Burning

Validation of Technical Feasibility of Burning Weapon's Grade and Civil PU Via New Generation PWR Fuel Elements Designed in ISTC Project N173-95

#1325Immobilization of Irradiated Fuel

Development of Technology for Immobilization of Irradiated Fuel not Subject to Reprocessing.

#1416Plasmochemical Production of MOX Fuel

Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) -Born in Plasma

#1737.2Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

Development of Technology for Enriched Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

#2016Floating NPP with Low Enrichment Fuel

Low Enrichment Uranium Core for Floating Nuclear Power Plant Reactor (FNPP) as a way of Resolving Weapon’s Nuclear Material Nonproliferation Problem

#2092Processing of Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel

Processing Compact Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel by Anhydrous (Thermochemical and Thermoelectrochemical) Methods for Thermal and Fast Reactors

#2112Spent Fuel Handling in Severodvinsk

The Transport and Technological Plan of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Severodvinsk

#2214Innovative Reactor Concepts and Fuel Cycles

Analysis, Substantiation and Agreeing of Innovative Reactor Technologies and Fuel Cycles Acceptability Criteria: Nuclear, Radiation and Environmental Safety, Economics and Non-Proliferation

#3012Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel

Calculational-Theoretical and Design Studies, Preparation of Experimental Works on the Substantiation of the Conceptual Design of Small Power Installation MARS (Autonomous Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel)