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#0523Cutting of NPP Parts

Research of the Cutting Methods During Withdrawal of NPP from Operation.

#0564Temperature of Water-cooled Reactor

Methodological Security of Temperature Measurement and Diagnostics within Power Water-moderated Water-cooled Reactor (PWR) Type on Base of Analysis of Influence Functions for Measuring Means.

#0741Resonance Detector of reactor Neutrons

Working out of a Method for the Reactor Neutron Spectrum Measurements by Resonance Detectors

#1310Installation for Stable Isotopes Separation

Experimental Mock-Up of Centrifugal Extractors for Stable Isotopes Separation.

#1620Doping and Radiation effects in Intermetallic Structures

Revealing of Ordered Intermetallic Based Construction Materials Phase Structure States and Radiation Defects Evolution Legitimatise under Doping, Mechanical, Thermal and Radiation Effects

#2220Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

Method for Precise Determination of Metals in their Solutions by Means of Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

#2241Combined Neutron and Gamma-Ray Monitor

A Radiation Monitor on the Basis of CdZnTe and NaI(Tl) Gamma-Ray Detectors and Neutron Detectors on Scintillating Fibers for Determining the Characteristics of Radioactive Materials with Localization of Irregularities throughout the Volume

#2518Eddy Current Smart Probe

Eddy Current Smart Probe for Thread Holes of Reactor Vessel

#3244Monitoring for Radiation Beams

Development of Detection System for Monitoring High Intensity Ionizing Radiation Beams Used in Medicine, Science and Technology

#3509Multi-Functional Semiconductor Detector

Multi-Functional Semiconductor Radiation Detector

#3656Neutron Technology for Mine Identification

Development of Experimental Model of Portable Device for Identification of Explosives Hidden in Soil and Buildings by Tagged Neutron Technology

#3769Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel

Methods for Non-Destructive Analysis of Fuel in Chemical Reprocessing of Nuclear Power-Plant Spent Fuel

#3780Reactor Temperature Control

Modernization of Metrological Security of Reactor Thermometry Taking into Account Quality of Thermal Contact Between Thermocouple and Object and Degradation of its Characteristics at Irradiation

#3783Radiation-Resistant Optical Fibres

Development of Production Technology and Investigation of Radiation-Resistant Optical Fibres for Civil Nuclear Industry and Nuclear Physics

#3824Diagnostics for Tokamak Divertor Plasma

Research and Development of Advanced Diagnostics for Divertor Plasma in the KTM Tokamak

#3931Switched Isotope Neutron Source

Creation of a Prototype of Switchable Isotope Pu-Alfa-Be Source of Neutrons and Study of Its Parameters

#A-10193-Module Security System at NPP

Development of 3-Module Security System (Control over Vibrations, Coolant’s Leaks, and Shocks) at Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)

#A-2187Vibrating Wire Neutron Monitor (VWNM)

Development of the Thermal Neutron Flux Monitor Based on Vibrating Wire

#A-2286Neutron beam profiler/monitor FOR cancer tissue investigation


#G-1765Boron Sensors

Novel Boron Based Semiconductor Temperature Sensors for Nuclear Radiation Environment