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#0649Atmosphere Circulation of Tritium

Mathematical Simulation of Tritium Circulation Among Soil, Vegetation and Atmosphere

#0676Identification of Supertoxines

The Expert System for Supertoxines Identification in Natural and Man-caused Objects

#0966Safety Problem of Techa River Reservoirs

Cascade of Water Reservoirs of Techa River: Problem of Safety

#1000Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lines

Development and Manufacture of the Pilot Model of the Automatic Blocking System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lines in Accidents at Chemical Facilities

#1005Radiation Safety under Hydrogen Interaction

Creation of a Database on Ecological and Radiation Safety under the Interaction of Hydrogen and its Isotopes with Constructional Materials of Energy Devices

#1007Airfield Pollution and Safety Problems

Problems of Environment Ecological Pollution and Safety while Airfields Operation and their Solution

#1015Environmental Impact of Fuel Cycles with Plutonium

Evaluation and Prognosis of radiological and Ecological Effects of Nuclear Fuel Cycles in Russia when Using Weapons- and Power- Grade Plutonium, and Definitions of Ways to Reduce These Effects

#1152Safety of Underwater Gas/Oil Production Facilities

Underwater - Underice Systems for Arctic and Far Eastern Offshore Oil and Gas Field Development: Risk Assessment; Study of Methods to Provide Safety

#1236Ecological Insurance for Chemical Enterprises

Development of the Base Model of Ecological Insurance for Safety Guaranteeing of Chemical Enterprises

#1327Cumulative Jets Interaction with Spent Nuclear Fuel

Research of Cumulative Jets Interaction with Spent Nuclear Fuel

#1373Revealing Individuals with High Radiation Sensitivity

Revealing the Hyperradiosensitive Individuals with the Aim to Reduce the Radiation Risk for Population in Areas with an Elevated Radiation Background

#1517Monitoring and Risk Assessment for New Anti-tuberculosis Drugs

Methodological and Information Support for Risk Analysis of the Production and Use of New Generation Anti-tuberculosis Drugs, on the Basis of Hydrazine and its Derivatives

#1541Models for Toxic Exhausts Handling

Mathematical Modeling of Processes of Formation and Neutralisation of Toxic Exhausts (Development of Methods and Devices for Neutralisation of Exhausts of Toxic in Thermoenergy Devices and Stands for Rocket Engine Test Runs)

#1617Modeling of Radionuclides Flow in Different Environments

Radionuclide Fluxes in Natural, Semi-natural and Agricultural Ecosystems: Development of a Regional Radioecological Data Handling and Advanced Modeling Using GIS-technology

#1625Nuclear Accident Countermeasures Efficiency

Methodology and Software for Evaluating Effectiveness of Countermeasures in Case of Nuclear Accidents as Integral Part of the RODOS (Continuation of ISTC 513-97)

#1684Filter Test Expert System

Development of Expert System on Pumping Test Interpretation

#1707Safety Evaluation for Shallow Waste Repositories

Development of Methodological Bases of an Evaluation of Safety of an Environment in Conditions of Productions Operation on a Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in Shallow Ground Repositories

#1814Powerful Disturbances Effects on Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Response of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere to Impacts of Large Meteoroids and Powerful Natural and Technogenic Impulsive Disturbances (Chemical and Nuclear Explosions, Volcano Eruptions, Active Geophysical Experiments)

#1827Risk Assesment for Nuclear Materials Storage

Adaptation of the Technique Based on the Logical-Probabilistic Safety Theory Statements for Evaluating the Risk of Emergency Situations at the Facilities Containing Nuclear Materials

#1871Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards

Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards