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#0400Fire Protection

Fire Protection

#0404Ozone layer Study

Active-method Study of the Effect of Man-related Reactors on the Ozone Layer.

#0900Microwave Discharges for Ozone Hole Study

Study of Nanosecond Microwave Discharges in Wave Beams and Modeling their Effect on the Atmosphere in the Region of Ozone "Holes"

#1039Ecological Safety of the Rubber Industry

Ecological Safety of the Rubber Industry: Fundamentals and Technologies

#1132Radioactive Pollution Caused by Smoke

Elaboration of Methods of Estimating the Density and Scale of Radioactive Pollution Caused by Smoke Throws from Fires, Taking Place in Polluted Territories

#1331High Voltage Discharge for Antiseptics

Development of Technology and Creation of Experimental Devices for Materials Antiseptic Processing on the Base of High Voltage Discharge in Liquid and Gas

#1397Design of Ozone Production Facility

The Development of the Technical Project of Facility (with Capacity of 1 KW) for Ozone Producing by High Frequency Current (HFC) in Transversal Discharge

#1423Electromagnetic Effects on Human

Elaboration of Devices Complex for Estimating the Exposure of Human Beings to Electromagnetic Radiation

#1517Monitoring and Risk Assessment for New Anti-tuberculosis Drugs

Methodological and Information Support for Risk Analysis of the Production and Use of New Generation Anti-tuberculosis Drugs, on the Basis of Hydrazine and its Derivatives

#1656Radiation Safety for Customs

Radiation Safety System in Points of Customs Operations

#1677Radiophone Ecological Safety

Development and Research of Radiation Deflector that Increases the Operation Time and Ecological Safety of Radiophone

#1687Cleaning of Exhaust and industrial Gases

Development of Devices for Clearing of Exhaust and Industrial Gases with Use of Perspective Technologies

#1902Nervous Stresses in Industry Environment

The Development of Ecopsychologic Methods for Evaluation and Prophylactics of Nervous and Psychic Strain in Population Inhabiting the Regions with Disposition of Potentially Dangerous Industry Objects

#1960Materials for Electromagnetic Protection of Buildings

Development of New Building Materials for House Protection from Electromagnetic Smoke

#2001.2Polychlorinated Biphenyls Contamination and Related Risks

Assessing Contamination of the Environment with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Associated Risk for Human Health (Serpukhov Case Study)

#2178Ecosystem Dynamics and Prophylaxy of Natural Foci Diseases

Estimating Ecosystem Dynamics as a Basis for Elaborating of Actions on Preventive Measures for Natural Foci Diseases (Plague, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome etc.)

#2258Dioxin Formation at Combustion

Kinetics and Mechanism of Dioxin Formation at Combustion. Development of Efficient Methods of Dioxin Formation Suppression.

#2363Pilot Project on ISO 14000

Development of the Pilot Project of Environmental Management System for Minatom RF Enterprise in Compliance with ISO 14000 Standards on Environmental Management and its Testing in RFNC-VNIIEF

#2435Toxicity of marine aerosols

Non-additive effects under combined toxicity of multicomponent systems of marine pollutants regarding ecological hazard of marine aerosols for coastal populations

#2505Physical methods in oncological diseases diagnostics

Synchrotron radiation application for oncological diseases risk forecasting

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