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#0579Reduction of the Nitric Oxides Emission

Development of Methods for Nitric Oxides Emission Reduction in the Process of Natural Gas Combustion.

#0627.3Airborne monitoring

Complex Investigations of Possible Reduction of Aviation Impact on the Environment and it's Utilisation for Ecological Monitoring

#0795Convective Flows in Superdeep Quarries

Investigation of Convective Flows of Heterogeneous Mixtures in Superdeep Quarries

#0813Dusty Plasma protecting ozone layer

Dusty Plasma in Air and its Influence upon Contamination Destroying the Ozone Layer

#0960Freon-free Ultra-Dispersible Atomatization

Development of a New Technology for the Freon-free Ultra-dispersible Atomization of Liquid

#1044Microwave Elimination f Freons in the Atmosphere

Designing the Technology of Atmosphere Cleaning from Ozonedestroing Freons in Continuous Microwave Under Critical Discharges

#1303Plasma Technology for Gas Cleaning

Development of Plasma Technologies for Gas Cleaning Utilising Nanosecond Discharges

#1355Converters and Filters for Engine Exhausts

Catalyst Converters and Fuel Soot Filters on Metal Substrates for Exhaust Gas Cleaning in Internal Combustion Engines

#1432Electro-Physical Purification of Gases

Development of Scientific Foundations and Establishment of Technological Basis of Pulse Electro-Physical Techniques for Purification of Industrial Stack Gases from Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds

#1470Device for Pipe-Leakage Detection

Apparatus for the Search and Determination of Position of Gas and Liquid Fraction Leakages in Underground Pipelines

#1506Measurement of Dust Concentration

Design and Creation of Measuring Base for Determination of Mass Dust Concentration in Broad Ecological and Industrial Applications

#1541Models for Toxic Exhausts Handling

Mathematical Modeling of Processes of Formation and Neutralisation of Toxic Exhausts (Development of Methods and Devices for Neutralisation of Exhausts of Toxic in Thermoenergy Devices and Stands for Rocket Engine Test Runs)

#1585Satellite Gas Sensor

Conception Development of New Generation Sensor for Greenhouse Gas Monitoring from Space Using High Resolution Infrared Spectrometry

#1674Burning Processes Ecology

Development of the Burning Process Control Systems in Heat Power Installations Ensuring Ecological Cleanness and Safety of Power Industry Plants

#1687Cleaning of Exhaust and industrial Gases

Development of Devices for Clearing of Exhaust and Industrial Gases with Use of Perspective Technologies

#1868Effect of Desertification on Atmosphere and Climate

The effect of the desertification processes on the atmospheric composition and climate. Basic region for investigation - the Kalmykian Black Lands Russia) and the Jornada del Muerto Basin of the Chihuahuan Desert (New Mexico, USA)

#1871Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards

Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards

#1907Infrared Receivers/Transmitters for Atmosphere Spectroscopy

Tunable IR Parametric Receivers/Transmitters with Heterodyne Detection for Remote Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere with High Spectral Resolution and Probing Distance

#1998Pollution Measurements in Siberia with Mobile Complex

Development of Mobile Measuring Complex Based on the Boat-Laboratory and Conducting of Measurements of Gaseous and Aerosol Pollutants in the Basin of Main Siberian Rivers (Ob, Yenisei, Lena)

#2053Metals in the Environment

Metals in the Environment. The Development of Methods of an Atomic Absorption Analysis