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#1081Lazer Stimulation of Photochemical Reactions

Selective Extraction of Rare-Earth Elements and Isotopes from Solutions Based on the Effects of Elements and Isotopes under Lazer Irradiation of Compounds

#1715Capillary Cement Materials

Research of Properties of Capillary Cement Materials (CCM) and of Possibility of their Application for Want of Construction and Repair of Objects with a Radiation Load

#1743Radiation Destruction of Polymers

Intensification of the Ionizing Radiation-Initiated Degradative Processes of the Cross-Linked Polymer Systems

#1769New Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

Fast Photochemical Process in Photosensitizer Dye-DNA Complexes - Scientific Basis for the Creation of New Generation of Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

#1843Electron-Beam Purification of Waste Water

Electron-Beam Removal of Organic Admixtures from Industrial Wastewaters Including Liquid Radioactive Wastes

#2034Environmental Safety of Extraction Reprocessing

Improvement in Environmental Safety of Irradiated Material Extraction Reprocessing

#2275.2High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films

Creation and Research of High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films for 1300-1700 nm Spectral Range

#2493Aerosol Photochemistry in Atmosphere

Experimental and Theoretical Modelling of Aerosols and Ozoneactive Gases Evolution in the Atmosphere

#2624Organic Synthesis in Space Non-equilibrium Plasma

Physicochemical Modeling of Non-Equilibrium Organic Synthesis Processes in Interstellar Space by Use of Thermonuclear Investigation’s Instrumental Arsenal

#2668Affecting of Gamma-Radiating on Paint Protecting Coatings

Study of Affecting of Gamma-Radiation on Polymeric Solutions and their Component for Deriving Paint Coatings with New Service Properties in Operation Conditions of Atomic Productions and NPP

#2695Bi-213 Generator for Radiotherapy

Development of Ac-225/Bi-213 Generator and Radiopharmaceuticals on the Basis of Bi-213 Eluate for Radiotherapy

#3066Light converting polymeric materials

Light Converting Polymeric Materials for Agriculture on the Basic of Rare-Earth Elements

#3226Spent Nuclear Fuel Cladding Removal

Elaboration of Solvometallurgical Method for Chemical Removal of Spent Nuclear Fuel Claddings

#3246Technetium Radiopharmaceuticals

Fatty Acids Labeled with 99mTc. Influence of the Lipophilicity of the Chelating Core on the Biodistribution

#3355Mechanisms of Photodynamic Therapy

Investigation of the Mechanisms of Photodynamic Therapy by Time-Resolved Radiospectroscopy

#3449Ultra-Violet Installation for Air Decontamination

Development of Impulse Ultra-Violet Installation to Decontaminate Air Flows from Biological Contaminants

#3595Polymer Composites for Skin Burns and Wounds Treating

Development of Composite Polymer Coatings Based on Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Containing Complexes of Porphyrins with Amphiphilic Polymers, for Photodynamic Therapy of Skin Burns and Festering Wounds

#3698Radiation Sources for Therapy of Tumors

Development of Sealed Radiation Sources for Therapy of Malignant Tumors in the Vision Organ

#3848Femtosecond Photoelectron Gun

Creation of the Sub-100 fs Photoelectron Gun Intended for TRED Experiments (Theory, Experiment, Instrumental Realization)

#3900New Nuclear Fuel Cycle. Fuel Reprocessing

Adv-ORIENT Cycle – a New Approach to Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing. Sorption Behavior of Elements at Basic Stages of Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Flowsheet