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#0091-2Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators

#0341Antibiotics Production

Ecological Pure Antibiotics Production.

#0412Radiospectroscophy of Bio-Products

Development of Noninvasive Contact-free Approaches for Monitoring the Production Stages and Controlling the Product Quality by Using Radiospecrtoscopy Methods (NMR, EPR).

#0571Producing of Betta -Carotene

Development of the Technology of Microbiological Synthesis Aiming at Simultaneous Producing of Phospholipides and Betta-Carotene to be Used in Pharmacology.

#0593Biopreparation Against Sucking Insects

Development of an Ecologically Safe Biopreparation to Control of Sucking Insects

#0620Human Cytokines

Structure-function Studies of Human Cytokines and their Mutant Analogs

#0635Non-Aerobic Infection Diagnostics

Working out of Chromatographic Methods of Non-aerobic Infection Differential Diagnostics

#0667Selection Rhizobial Strains

Development of Molecular Genetic Technology for Construction and Subsequent Selection of Highly Efficient Rhizobial Strains to Increase the Yields of Legumes

#0669Rubomycine Production

Development of Experimental Large-scale Technology and Creation of Technological Line of Rubomicine Production

#0801New Antiseptic Drug

Organization of Experimental Production of Different Marketable Forms Rent Forms of New Antiseptic Drug of Creation Detergents Group - of MYRAMYSTINE

#1460Biodegradation of Human Wastes in Space

Elaboration of Microbial Biodegradation Technology Towards Wastes in Space

#1520Chemical Tularemia Vaccine

Development of a Chemical Tularemia Vaccine and Studying F. Tularensis Outer Membrane Components Responsible for Protective Immunity Formation

#1540Express - Indication of Infectious Diseases

Development of Methods of Express - Indication Dangerous and Social-Significant Infectious Diseases

#1631Bio-Active Component "Bio Bacton"

Development the Industrial Technology to Produce the Bioactive Component "Biobacton" by means of Spray Drying

#1633Dangerous Micro-organisms Destruction

Method Development and Pilot Installation Creation for Destroying of Especially Dangerous Forms of Micro-organisms

#1761Nuclear Lagoon

Nuclear Lagoon for Biomass Photosynthesis with Use of Radioluminescent Radiation of Nuclear-Optical Converter

#1804Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators

#1849Scanning Microscopy for Living Cells Monitoring

In-situ dynamical monitoring of living bacteria cells using scanning probe microscopy

#1896.2pH6 Antigen in Plague Vaccine

Investigation of pH6 Antigen Role in Live Plaque Vaccine Immune-Genesis

#1898Anthrax Vaccine Immunity

Investigation of Cellular and Human Immunities Induced by Chemical and Live Anthrax Vaccines

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