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#0091-2Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators

#0458Water Soluble Analgetic

Water Soluble Analgetic

#0550Viruses with Genome Variability

The Viruses with High Degree of Genome Variability with Serious Epidemic Danger.

#0620Human Cytokines

Structure-function Studies of Human Cytokines and their Mutant Analogs

#0667Selection Rhizobial Strains

Development of Molecular Genetic Technology for Construction and Subsequent Selection of Highly Efficient Rhizobial Strains to Increase the Yields of Legumes

#0753Viable Viruses in Neolithic Remains

Search for Viable Viruses and their Genetic Elements in Neolithic Remains of Gorny Altai and Old Cemeteries in the Permafrost Region of Russia

#0764Human Cell Karyotyping

Software and Hardware Complexes for Human Cell Karyotyping (Karyotype Identification and Morphological Analysis: New Data< Methods and Hardware)

#0868Virus-Specific Immunohemosorbents

Development of Technology of Extracorporeal Virus-Specific Immunohemosorbents' Preparation and Study of Their Effectiveness in Complex Therapy with Lymphokines for Treatment of Severe Forms of Hepatitis B and Tick-Bone Encephalitis

#0889Phospholipid Vesicles

Creation of Phospolipid Vesicles and Application in Non-Viral Transfection into Eucaryotic Cells for Gene Therapy

#1028Oligonucleotides with Heavy Atoms and DNA-Binding Proteins Structural Analysis

Synthesis of Oligonucleotides wiyh Heavy Atoms and Development of Structural Analysis of DNA-binding Proteins

#1169Properties of Delta-Endotoxines

Studies of Molecular Basis of Specificity of Bacillus Thuringiensis delta-Endotoxins by X-ray Structural analysis and Model Analysis

#1466Construction of Recombinant Plasmids

Construction of Recombinant Plasmids Coding Synthesis of Pathogenic Microorganism Protective Antigens and Study of Their Properties

#1520Chemical Tularemia Vaccine

Development of a Chemical Tularemia Vaccine and Studying F. Tularensis Outer Membrane Components Responsible for Protective Immunity Formation

#1753Pulse Pressure Effect on Lipids Reactions

Impulse Pressure Affect on Chain Reactions of Lipid’s Peroxide Oxidation

#1773Bioprotection of Grain Cereals

Technology for Bioprotection of Grain Cereals Against Fusarium Rots with the Object to Get Ecologically Beneficial Production

#1804Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators

#1841Hepatitis B Virus Subtypes

Evaluation of the Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Subtypes within the Russian Federation

#1854Diagnosis and Prophylaxis for People under Radiation Risk

Development of Early Preclinical Diagnosis and Prophylaxis Methods for People Working or Living in Higher Radiation Background Environments

#1877Extracorporal Cancer Immunotherapy

Development of Technique for Cancer Immunotherapy Based on the Complex Extracorporal Activation of Natural and Adoptive Immunity: Experimental and Clinical Studies

#1896.2pH6 Antigen in Plague Vaccine

Investigation of pH6 Antigen Role in Live Plaque Vaccine Immune-Genesis

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