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#0414Quails and Hen Embryos Production

Development of Technology for Production of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) - Embryos of Quails and Hen at the Specialized Unit within the Biotechnological Production Area

#1040Human Defense from Highly Toxic Agents

New Principle for Protection of Humans and Development of Protectors Against Highly Toxic Agents

#1331High Voltage Discharge for Antiseptics

Development of Technology and Creation of Experimental Devices for Materials Antiseptic Processing on the Base of High Voltage Discharge in Liquid and Gas

#1633Dangerous Micro-organisms Destruction

Method Development and Pilot Installation Creation for Destroying of Especially Dangerous Forms of Micro-organisms

#1965Gas Discharge Sterilization in Medicine

Development of Technology for Medical Instrumentation Sterilization by means of Gas Discharge Technique

#2058Mechanisms of Bacterial Virulence

Modifying Enzymes as Molecular Determinants of Bacterium-Host Cell Interactions

#2178Ecosystem Dynamics and Prophylaxy of Natural Foci Diseases

Estimating Ecosystem Dynamics as a Basis for Elaborating of Actions on Preventive Measures for Natural Foci Diseases (Plague, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome etc.)

#2339Experimental Models of Smallpox

Development of Experimental Models for Examination of the Efficacy of Medicinal Preparations and Vaccines for Variola Virus

#2352Caf1M and V-antigen of Yersinia pestis in crystal and solution

Study on the Structure and Conformational Properties of Molecular Periplasmatic Chaperone Caf1M and V-antigen of Yersinia pestis in Crystal and Solution as a Way for Construction of Antibacterial Drugs of a New Generation

#2413Yersinia Pestis Adhesins

Study on Structural-Functional Properties of Proteins Providing Specific Adhesion of Yersinia Pestis with the Host Cells and Development of Approaches to their Use to Prevent Plague

#2452Epidemiological Surveillance for Human Monkeypox

Laboratory Epidemiological Surveillance for Human Monkeypox on the Base of Classical and Developmental Methods of Diagnostics

#2467.2Immunosensor for Bioagents detection

Biosensor for Biological Pathogens Rapid Detection on the Basis of Immunoluminescence Microassay

#2516Software for Indoor Microclimate Control

Applied Program Package for Modeling of Indoor Microclimate and Diffusion of Gas and Aerosol Admixtures Within Living and Production Rooms

#2520UV radiation Effects on Pathogenic Microorganisms

Study of Modification Effects in Pathogenic Microorganisms Exposed to Near Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation (170-200 nm)

#2534Psychophysiology Testing and Rehabilitation Complex

Development of a Hardware and Software Suite for Preventive Psychophysiological Examination and Rehabilitation of Workers Engaged in Potentially Hazardous Production

#2571Cold Plasma Sterilization of Liquids and Surfaces

Development of New High-Effective Sterilization Methods of Liquids and Surfaces by Cold Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure

#2621Portable Electroencephalograph in New Diagnostic Method

Development of Electroencephalografy (EEG) Technology of Early Diagnostics of Nervous-Mental Diseases (NMD), which is Based on the Method of Spatial Synchronization of the Cerebrum Brain Electric Processes (SYNCRO-EEG); the Method is Implemented by the Po

#2970.2Disinfectants Against Anthrax Agent

Novel Disinfectants for Decontamination of the Objects Affected by Anthrax Agents in Biological Terror Acts

#3326Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs and Drug Delivery System

Development of the New Generation of the Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems

#3328Biomarkers of Exposure to Organophosphorous Substances

Studying of Human Blood Cholinesterase Molecular Forms as Biomarkers of Exposure to Organophosphorus Substances