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#0253Compound Separator for Medicine (R)

High-Molecular Compound Separator for Bio-Medical Purposes.

#1028Oligonucleotides with Heavy Atoms and DNA-Binding Proteins Structural Analysis

Synthesis of Oligonucleotides wiyh Heavy Atoms and Development of Structural Analysis of DNA-binding Proteins

#1906Health Monitoring

New Technology of Polyparametric Monitoring for Medical and Ecological Research

#2071Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

Physical Models for Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

#2339Experimental Models of Smallpox

Development of Experimental Models for Examination of the Efficacy of Medicinal Preparations and Vaccines for Variola Virus

#2397Development of Technology of Ecotoxicological Control

Development of the System of Ecotoxicological Control in the Territories Subjected to Radioactive and/or Chemical Contamination

#2470Germanium-Containing Coatings with Combined Biological Effect

Creating Biologically Active Coatings for Fibrous Materials of Medical Purpose Containing Germanium-Organic Compounds and Having Combined Biological Effect, Assessment of their Biological Harmlessness, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Microbic Activity and Stimulating Ef

#2528Expression Profiling of Yersinia Pestis

Expression Profiling and Study of Molecular Evolution of Hazardous Microbial Pathogen Yersinia Pestis Using High-Density Oligonucleotide Microarrays

#2623Electro-topography for Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Development of the Universal Technology for Diagnostics of Cardiovascular System (CVS) Diseases Based on the Russian Multi-Channel Electrocardiotopograph with Telemetering Communication

#3125Modeling of protein – ligand interactions

Computer-Aided Design of Farnesylproteintransferase Inhibitors, Synthesis and In-vitro Estimation of Their Anti-cancer Action

#3188Cytochrome c: Pro-Apoptotic and Antioxidant Functions

Cytochrome c: Pro-Apoptotic and Antioxidant Functions

#3273Genome of Cowpox Virus

Study of the Cowpox Virus Genome Variability

#3817Mathematical Models of Infection Deceases Epidemics

Development of Theoretical Basis for Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Infection Deceases Epidemics of Natural and Antropogenious Character

#A-1696Electric Fields in Biomolecules

Study of Electric Fields in Biomolecules by NMR Spectroscopy

#A-1727Microbial Community in Familial Mediterranean Fever

Microbial Community as a Pathogenic Factor in Autoinflammatory Disorder-Familial Mediterranean Fever

#A-2002DNA Sequence Variants and Risk of Breast Cancer

Impact of Moderate and High-Risk DNA Sequence Variants in Breast Cancer Risk and Relevance to Anti-Cancer Therapy

#B-1693Apoptosis Destruction of Neoplastic Cells

Apoptosis Destruction of Neoplastic Cells Induced by the Free-Radical Transformation of Cerebrosides Into Ceramides at Photodynamic Therapy

#B-642Models of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

Mathematical Models and Software Development for Investigation of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

#G-1946Models for Identification of the Flu Virus

An estimation of the Level of Biological Security and Management of Biological Risks under Uncertainty

#G-2191Development of a New Environment Monitoring Device

Study of spectral characteristics of the infected environment and elaboration of the automatic identifier of the micro-organisms