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#2736.2Myxoviruses Monitoring in Seals Populations

Comparative Molecular Genetic Monitoring of Myxoviruses Circulating in Populations of Seals Phoca Caspia and Phoca Sibirica in Northern Caspian Region and Lake Baikal

#2949Animals Sounds for Animals State Monitoring

Development of Acoustical Detection Methods for Ecological Monitoring

#3265Biocatalyst for Preparation of Glycosides

Promising Biocatalysts for Preparing Natural Medicinal Glycosides

#3276Bioinjuries Protection of Industrial materials

Protection Biotechnology of Industrial Materials from Mycoinjuries by Using Biofugicides

#3350Biological Surface-Active Substance

Development of biological preparation with surfactant activity

#3998An Astrobiosupplement for Individual Use

An Evaluation of Probiotic Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria Obtained from the Persons Staying in an Artificially Self-Contained Ecosystem and a Creation of Biological Dietary Supplement for Personal Use Based on Autostrains of Intestinal Microflora

#4078Lactococci and Their Bacteriocins as Biopreservatives

Lactococci and their Bacteriocins as Biological Preservatives for Raw Food Materials and Food Products

#4086Red Algae Polysaccharides

Potential Uses of Red Algae Polysaccharides – Food Fibers - in Complex Treatment of Bacterial Infections and Correction of Microbiocenosis Disorder

#A-1727Microbial Community in Familial Mediterranean Fever

Microbial Community as a Pathogenic Factor in Autoinflammatory Disorder-Familial Mediterranean Fever

#A-1733Photospectrometric Semiconductor Biosensor

Photospectrometric Semiconductor Biosensor for Prevention of Food Intervention

#A-1747Armenian NPP and Biodiversity

Investigation of the Influence of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on the Environment Biodiversity During Regular Production and During Malfunction

#A-1773Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Crops

Assessment of the Food Safety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Crops in Armenia

#A-1948Biodiversity of probiotic microorganisms of Armenia

Genotyping of Health-Promoting Microorganisms Biodiversity in Regions of Active Longevity in Armenia: a Basis for Drug Design and Functional Nutrition Production of a New Generation

#A-2168Immune regulatory activity of new peptides

Screening of peptides from endemic lactic acid bacteria from Armenia: a Basis for New Generation Drug Design

#A-2223The mining activity impact on the river of biodiversity

Evaluation of the Impacts of the Mining Industry on Biodiversity of Transboundary Rivers of Kura Basin

#A-2280MSCs for Tissue Repair

Library of Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Tissue Repair

#A-2377Receiver UV and VUV radiation

Receiver ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet radiation on the basis of corundum

#A-724Aerobic Bacteria as Decontamination Factor

The Investigation of Some Aerobic Bacteria’s Capability to Transform a Number of Widely Used Toxic Compounds

#B-1744Biodiversity of Probiotic Microorganisms in Belarus

Biodiversity and Adaptation of Probiotic Microorganisms in Various Regions of Belarus

#G-1062Invertebrate Animals in Cities

Bioecology of the Invertebrate Animals of Urban Environment