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#0803Feed and Food Additives

Development of Feed Additives on the Basis of Spirulina Microalgae Biomass and Experimental Technology of their Production. Development of Immunocorrector Preparation for Medical Application and Laboratory Technology of its Production


The Crystal L-Tryptophane New Technology

#3224Biopreparations for Growing of Brewers Barley

Development of the Novel Ecologically Safe Technology for Growing of Brewer's Barley and Malt Production on the Basis of Application of Biopreparations

#3339Salad for Astronauts

Development and Testing of Space Salad Machine Prototype and Elaboration of the Grown Plants to Food Conversion Technology

#3604Express Detection of Mycotoxins

Immuno-Technology for Express Detection of Mycotoxins at Nano-Scale Concentration in Food Products

#4078Lactococci and Their Bacteriocins as Biopreservatives

Lactococci and their Bacteriocins as Biological Preservatives for Raw Food Materials and Food Products

#A-1017Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Plant Composites

Plant Composites from Specimens of Southern Caucasian Flora as Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Agents

#A-1548Complex Nitrogen Biofertilizer

Development of the new Production Technology of Ecological Safe Complex Biofertilizer Based on Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms and Modified Zeolites

#A-1733Photospectrometric Semiconductor Biosensor

Photospectrometric Semiconductor Biosensor for Prevention of Food Intervention

#A-1773Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Crops

Assessment of the Food Safety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Crops in Armenia

#A-1778Seeds Germination under the Influence of Electromagnetic Field

The Study of the Activation Effect of 15 Hz Frequency LF EMF On Barley and Wheat Seeds Germination Potential

#A-1948Biodiversity of probiotic microorganisms of Armenia

Genotyping of Health-Promoting Microorganisms Biodiversity in Regions of Active Longevity in Armenia: a Basis for Drug Design and Functional Nutrition Production of a New Generation

#A-2168Immune regulatory activity of new peptides

Screening of peptides from endemic lactic acid bacteria from Armenia: a Basis for New Generation Drug Design

#A-2170An automate operating hail preventing sonic generator

Development and field trial of a prototype of an autonomous and automate operating hail preventing sonic generator

#A-2249Health Risk Assessment of Mining Industry-HRAMI

Mining Industry Impact on Food Chain Safety and Integrated Environmental Health Risk Assessment

#A-2425Experimental researches of spectral and angular peculiarities of hail intrinsic radio emission.

Experimental researches of spectral and angular peculiarities of hail and hail generative clouds intrinsic radio emissions for hail early detection and prediction.

#A-2434Novel biotherapeutics

Biotherapeutics development with high quality biomanufacturing criteria.

#A-654Enzymatic Reprocessing of Artichokes

Enzymatic Production of High-Value Products from Topinambur

#A-903Apricot Tablets – as a Functional Dietary Supplement

Processing, Quality Control, Chemical Composition and Potential Health Effects of Apricot in Tablet Form – a Functional Dietary Supplement

#B-1721Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands

Development of Instrumentation and Technology for Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands