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#3894Model of Soil and Sediment Dynamics

Development of a Model of Soil and Sediment Redistribution Using of Nuclear-Physical Methods of Analysis

#A-1773Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Crops

Assessment of the Food Safety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Crops in Armenia

#A-2233Spatial Data Infrastructure for mountainous terrain

Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure: an effective tool for assessing erosion of mountainous territories.

#B-1440Prion Diseases

Surveillance of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the Republic of Belarus, Study of Astrocyte Role in the Disease Pathogenesis, and Development of Proteome- and Nanotechnology-Based Method for Pre-Clinical PrPd Detection

#B-1721Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands

Development of Instrumentation and Technology for Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands

#G-2357Pathotypes of Synchytrium endobioticum

Identification of pathotypes of Synchytrium endobioticum found in Georgia

#K-2106Brucellosis of wild animals

Study of prevalence of brucellosis among wild animals and their role in the epidemiological process in the neighboring territories of the Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Kazakhstan

#K-2250L-vaccines against tuberculosis

Novel approaches to the development of L-vaccines against TB

#K-2251Vaccine against brucellosis

Selection of the most effective vaccine preparations, perspective for specific prophylaxis of cattle brucellosis

#K-2318Bluetongue in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Serological monitoring, typing and sequencing of the bluetongue virus in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia

#K-2329Peste des petits ruminants monitoring

Peste des petits ruminants monitoring in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Isolation of the agent and its biological and genetic characterization

#K-2331Monitoring of metapneumovirus infection

Monitoring of avian metapneumovirus infection (MPVI) in the territory of Kazakhstan

#K-2356Conservation of Arid Pastures

Preservation and Improvement of Arid Pastures Exposed to Uncontrolled Grazing

#K-278Remote Plague Monitoring

Monitoring of plague and other and other infections with similar etiology natural foci in Central Asia based on remote sensing.

#KR-1222Tuberculosis of Cattle

Development of means of cattle tuberculosis diagnostics

#KR-1610Biochips in the Diagnostic of Emerging Infectious Zoonotic Diseases

Development of Diagnostic Microchip for Study of Epidemiological Situation and Detection of Natural Areas of Emerging Infectious Zoonotic Diseases in Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1654Monitoring of Salmonellae in Kyrgyzstan

Epizootiological, Epidemiological and Ecological Assessment of Salmonellosis in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1849Foot and Mouth Disease Control

Epizootological and Environmental Bio-monitoring and Control Measures for FMD in the Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-2120Monitoring of especially dangerous diseases in the protected areas

Surveillance of extremely dangerous diseases for fauna on the availability of the agents of dangerous diseases for humans and animals in the protected areas in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2128Genetic characterization of strains of FMD virus in the Kyrgyz Republic

Genetic characterization of strains of FMD virus in the Kyrgyz Republic