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#0958Market Economic Relations

Government Regulation of the Market Economic Relations

#1889Civilian Science Center in Sarov

Technical, Economical and Social Justification for the Project of Open Research Center in the City of Sarov

#2715Geodynamics of the West Antarctic

Geodynamics of the West Antarctic and Phenomenon of the Development of Continental Margins of the World Ocean

#3166Materials with shape memory effect

Study of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Materials with Shape Memory Effect with Account for Phase Transitions

#3198History of Nuclear Weapons Making in Russia

Research into the History of nuclear Weapons Making in Russia (1946-1953) and Writing the Collection of Documents, Volume 1, "Establishment of KB-11"

#3199History of First Soviet Atomic Bombs

Research into the History of Nuclear Weapons Making in Russia (1946-1953) and Writing the Collection of Documents, Volume 2, "Development and Testing of the First Soviet Atomic Bombs"

#3327Linear Differential Equation Solution

Development of Computer Methods and Algorithms for Analytical and Numerical Solution of the Higher Order Linear Differential Equations and Systems

#3332Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena

Development of a Computer-Aided System for Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena and Estimating Disturbances Caused by them in the Earth Space Environment

#3735Prediction of Material Destruction

Prediction of Material Destruction with Use of Scaling Analysis of Destruction Precursors

#B-1792Ion Beam Coatings

Study of the Formation Mechanisms of Ion-Beam Coatings and Development of the Structural Model Describing the Effect of the Ultra-Dispersed Powder Additives in Sputtering Targets on the Structure And Properties of these Coatings

#K-1339Kazakhstan’s Ore in Bronze Age

Revealing of the Kazakhstan’s Ore and Metal Expansion Paths and Establishment of the Role of Kazakhstan’s Mining and Smelting Centers in the Development of Central Eurasia Culture in Bronze Age by Means of Archeological Goods Identification by the Nuclear

#K-438New Technologies for High Performance Machinery

New Scientific and Technical Bases, Technology and Facilities of Production of High-Speed and Powerful Machines

#KR-1534Fine Structure of Geomagnetic Variations

Fine Structure of Regular Geomagnetic Variations from Satellite and Ground-Based Data