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#0285Magnetosphere Storms Simulation (R)

Laboratory and Numerical Simulation of Basic Processes of Magnetosphere Storms.

#1103Space Body Impact to the Earth

Investigation of Wave Processes Dynamics in Point-Antipode of Massive Space Body Impact to the Earth

#1223Solar Radiation Transfer

Mathematical Models and Software for Operative Evaluation of Solar Radiation Characteristics According to Data of Satellite and Ground-Based Meteorological Measurements

#1380Magnetic Measurements with Aerostats

Technology of Stratospheric Balloon Gradient Magnetic Surveys at 20-40 Km Altitudes:Solution of Fundamental and Applied Problems of the Earth's Lithosphere Structure

#1456Prevention and Suppression of Natural Disasters

Research of Identification Nature Prevention and Suppression of Destructive Tropical Cyclones, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, and Development of Methods of Their Prevention and Suppression

#1504Modelling of Flow in Porous Media

Micro-Mechanical Method Development for Multiphase Flow Process Modelling in Heterogeneous Porous Media (and Its Application in Fluid Mechanics)

#1695Aviation Monitoring of Natural and Industrial Disasters

Aviation Monitoring of Natural and Technogenious Disasters

#1725Satellite Monitoring of Earthquakes Forerunners

Satellite Monitoring of Ionospheric Forerunners of Earthquakes with Radiophysical and Radio Engineering Methods

#1807Lidar Sensing of Ocean Trough Disturbed Surface

The Development of the Technique for Polarization Lidar Remote Sensing of the Stratified Ocean with Allowance for the Effects of the Sea Surface Roughness

#1814Powerful Disturbances Effects on Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Response of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere to Impacts of Large Meteoroids and Powerful Natural and Technogenic Impulsive Disturbances (Chemical and Nuclear Explosions, Volcano Eruptions, Active Geophysical Experiments)

#1842Experimental Confirmation of Mineral Genesis of the Oil

Confirmation of a Possibility of Non-Organic Synthesis of Hydrocarbon Systems in the Upper Mantle of the Earth, Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters of the Synthesis and Migration Conditions of Abyssal Petroleum to the Earth Surface

#1940Gold of the Upper Kama

Gold of the Upper Kama

#1957Electromagnetic Pulses Effect on Minerals

Investigation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Action on Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Polydisperse Minerals

#2061Basis of Lightning Discharge Phenomena

Lightning Discharge: the Initial Development, Experimental Investigation of Microstructure and RF Image of a Thunderstorm Cloud, Laboratory and Computer Modeling

#2222Chemical Evolution of Planet Substance at Impact

Experimental Research of Chemical Evolution of Substance of the Moon and Other Bodies of Solar System by Methods of High-Speed Shock Modeling

#2251Nonlinear Effects under Seismic Impacts

Identification of Nonlinear Soil Behavior in Strong Ground Motion

#2575Remote Sensing Data Processing

Environmental Monitoring Based on New Computer and Mathematical Methods of Remote Sensing Data Processing

#2715Geodynamics of the West Antarctic

Geodynamics of the West Antarctic and Phenomenon of the Development of Continental Margins of the World Ocean

#2739Bacterial Chemotaxis

Study of the Behavior of Chemotactic Bacteria in Porous Structures and at the Interface of Heterotrophic Media

#2763Ionosphere Response to the Hurricanes Formation

Electromagnetic and Plasma Response of the Ionosphere to the Formation Processes of Hurricanes