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#0951Evalution of the Early Precambrian Crust

Evalution of the Early Precambrian Crust as the Basis for Predicting Mineralization

#1021Generation of Elastic Fluctuations

Application of Vibratory and High Speed Effects of Powder Component Combustion to Generate Elastic Fluctuations in Different Media

#1940Gold of the Upper Kama

Gold of the Upper Kama

#2652Dynamics of the Lithosphere

Strain and Stress Fields in the Lithosphere in Tectonically Active Areas of Central Asia

#2715Geodynamics of the West Antarctic

Geodynamics of the West Antarctic and Phenomenon of the Development of Continental Margins of the World Ocean

#2850Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams

Perspective and Ecological Pure Technology of Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams for Purpose of Intensification of Hydrocarbonic Fuel Production

#3007Radwaste in Granitoid Blocks

Geoecological Forecast of HLW Long-Term Isolation in Granitoid Blocks of the Nizhnekanskiy Massif (South-Yenisei Ridge)

#3071Frozen Wooly Mammoth

Paleontological, Histological and Microbiological Studies of Frozen Wooly Mammoth Carcasses

#3102Heavy Elements Accumulation in the Explosion Epicenter

The Disturbance Zone from an Underground Nuclear Explosion as a Physical Model of Heavy Elements Accumulation Zone Formation

#3443Natural Diamond Formation

Development and Experimental Validation of Scientific Conception of Natural Diamond Formation in the Earth Surface

#3598Reability of Radioactive Waste Underground Disposal

Evaluation of Technogenic Loading and Natural Factors Impact on Isolating Properties of RW Underground Isolation Multibarrier System at the Nizhnekansky Granitoid Massif

#3712Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity Prognosis

Development of Hydrogeochemical Method for Separate Prognosis of Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity by Polyarenes with Fine-Structure Luminescent Spectroscopy by the First Borehole

#3914Evolution of the Earth's Crust with Waste Disposal

The Development of Complex Model of the Tectonic Evolution of Structural Blocks of Earth's Crust for Selecting Radioactive Waste Disposal Areas by the Example of Nizhnekansky Granitoid Massif

#4038Neutron-Activation Analysis for Large Samples

Development of the Technique and Software for Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Large Geological (Crude Oil, Rock and Sedimentary Rock) Samples

#A-1562Zeolites as Nanoporous Microcarriers for Drug Delivery

Modification of Natural Zeolites and Zeolite-Like Materials and their Application as Nanoporous Microcarriers of Pharmaceuticals (Biologically Active Compounds)

#A-2004Identification of climatic changes by lake bottom sediments

Identification of climatic changes and the influence of anthropogenic factors on the pollution of natural environment by studies of bottom sediments in alpine lakes of Armenia

#G-1008Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores

Ecologically Friendly Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores of Georgia

#G-1020Bioengineering Technology of Securing of Slopes

Securing and Re-cultivation of Slopes Using Natural Binding Materials (Bioengineering Technology)

#G-1118Precursors of the Caucasus Earthquakes

Triggers and Precursors of the Caucasus Large Earthquakes

#G-1454Geologic Atlas of the Caucasus

Compiling of Geological GIS-Atlas of the Caucasus, Scale 1:1 000 000