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#0432Autonomous Robots

Autodriver (Control Systems for Mobile Autonomous Robots)

#0846Homodyne Radar

Development of Methods of Homodyne Radar with a Complete Polarisation Probing

#1173Self Guided Platform

Development of Universal Self-Guided Platform for the Automation of the Assembly Work on the Earth and in Space

#1237Liquid Gas Fuel System

Development of Fuelling Systems for Transport Means with Liquefied Natural Gas

#1533Polimer Composite Tank-car

Research and Development Tank-car from Polymeric Composite Materials

#2664Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

Methods of Improvement of Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

#2723Strength of IF-steels for Automobile Industry

Application of Microalloying for Increase Strength of Drawable IF-steels for Automobile Industry

#3447Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanostructures

Study of Sorption Properties of Carbon Nanostructures for Selecting the Optimum Ones for Hydrogen Storage

#3647Cycle Driving Gear

Development of Advanced Cycle Driving Gear for Special Racing Bicycles and General Bicycles

#3778Gas-Dynamic Igniter for Engines

Small-Scale Ignition Unit for Simplification of Diesel Engines Start at Winter Conditions, Supplied by Gas-Dynamic Igniter with Supersonic Nozzle and Gas-Liquid Injector with Porous Insert

#3841Reducing Car Exhaust Toxicity

A System for Reducing Car Exhaust Toxicity Based on a Hydrogen Additive to the Air-Fuel Mixture

#3842Treatment of Cylinder Blocks of Combustion Engines

Hardening of the Working Surface of the Aluminum Cylinder Block for Internal-Combustion Engines by the Microarc Oxidation Method

#3844Gas-Thermal Deposition of Coatings

A Method of Gas-Thermal Deposition of Coatings on the Inner Surfaces of Holes and Its Implementation for Cylinder Blocks of Internal-Combustion Engines

#3904A Detector of Sparking for Use on Electric Rail Transport

Development of a Fiber Optic Detector of Current Collector Sparking for Use on Electric Rail Transport

#3999Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

Development of Nanocomposite Coatings for Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

#B-1015New Type Transport Device

Creation of a Pilot Sample of the Transport Tractive Machine Based on a Biomechanical Reciprocating Principle of Motion of Wheels

#B-459New Automobile Engine Concept

Project Preparation for the Development of an Environmentally Friendly Car Power Plant of a New Type with Lower Fuel Consumption and Lower Weight-and-Size Characteristics

#G-1045Piston Internal Combustion Engine

Development of the Universal Piston Internal Combustion Engine

#G-2383Railway Transport Efficiency.

Perfection of The Traffic Safety, Ecological Compatibility and Efficiency of The Railway Transport by Development of The New Resource-saving Technology

#G-572New Alternating Current Generator

Alternating Current Contactless Generator with Variable Speed of Rotor