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#0931Hydraulic Systems for Rocket Engines

Technological Enhancement of Control Valve Hydraulic Systems for Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines

#1359Spacecraft Behaviour in Atmosphere

Experimental Complex for Development Testing of Systems of Recoverable Spacecrafts and Investigation of Processes Accompanying Their Flight within the Atmosphere by Launching a Volna Rocket Along Ballistic Trajectories

#1812Research Spacecraft for Asteroids Studies

Conception of Creation of Research Spacecraft with Kinetic Penetrators for Aimed Attack on Asteroids to Study Their Properties

#A-252Aircraft Flight in Heterogeneous Media

Mathematical Modeling of the Flight of Aircraft in Non-Homogeneous Media

#G-494Dynamics of Systems with Stochastic Parameters

Extrapolation, Smoothing and Filtering of Stochastic Dynamical Systems Dependent on Unknown Parameters