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#0418Tropical Disturbances Investigations

Development of Engineering Proposal to Create Rocket and Space Complexes on the Base of Decommissioned Ballistic Missiles for Carrying Out Tropical Cyclones Research.

#0785Thermostabilization Devices for Spacecrafts

Advanced Thermostabilization System of Devices for High Power Spacecraft

#0978-2Cooperating Space Vehicles

Researches on Providing Interference Protection and Development of the Automatic Optical System to Check Rendezvous Parameters of CO-operating Space Vehicles

#0980Ablative Plasma Thrusters

Fundamental and Applied Studies to Support the Development of a New Generation. Of Medium-Power Stationary Plasma Thrusters and Ablative Plasma Thrusters

#1385Space System based on Conversion Missiles

Design of a Space System LV/SC based on Converted Ballistic Missiles and a Small Universal Space Platform for Solar System Exploration

#A-2377Receiver UV and VUV radiation

Receiver ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet radiation on the basis of corundum