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#0308Proton and Electron Flow on Space Vehicles

Prediction of an Indicatrix of an Earth Natural Radiation Proton and Electron Flow on Surface of Orbital Space Vehicles.

#0399Space Shield

Assessment of Feasibility of Creating a System for Earth Protection Against Impacts of Near-Earth Space Objects

#1053Analysis of Prospects for Geostationary Communication Satellites

Analysis of Prospects for Creating Geostationary Communication Satellites with Propulsion and Power Modules on the Base of Nuclear and Solar Power Plants and Electric Rocket Thrusters

#1074Space Objects Interaction

Study of Space Object Interaction with the Earth's Atmosphere

#1297Space Debris Monitoring

Principles Construction Development of the Ground Optical Aperture Synthesis System for the Technogenic Pollution Control of Near Space and Earth Shielding from Dangerous Space Objects

#2634Shells Piercing by Space Dust Particles

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Piercing Protective Shells by Space Dust Particles in Regime of Ultra-Deep Penetration

#2743Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

Development and Manufacturing of the Automatic System for the Measurement of Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

#3001Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona

Investigation and Prediction of Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona and of Coronal Mass Ejections to Improve Safety of Aerospace Flights

#3264Solar Eruptive Phenomena

Study of Solar Eruptive Phenomena, their Influence on Space Weather and Methods of Prediction

#3332Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena

Development of a Computer-Aided System for Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena and Estimating Disturbances Caused by them in the Earth Space Environment

#3370Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

Special-Purpose Equipment Set for Correlated Investigations of the Dynamics of Relativistic Electron Fluxes in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

#3606Spacecraft Active Protective Shielding

Development of Spacecraft Active Protective Shielding against Meteoroids and Orbital Debris and New Methods of Shielding Testing at Hypervelocity Impact

#3657Own Air Atmosphere Pressure of Space Vehicles

Creation of the Autonomous System for Own Air Atmosphere Pressure Control of Space Vehicles for Extra Vehicle Ativity Monitoring and Leakproofness Control of Orbital Complexes in Pilot or Automatic Regimes of Flight

#A-2208Effect of Space Factors on the Materials and Devices

Development and Ground Study of Materials and Devices under Simulating Space Complex Conditions including in-situ measurements

#G-2210Compositions of titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides

Preparation and research of composite ceramic materials containing titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides for multifunctional application

#T-1889Meteoric Matter in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Interaction of the Meteorite-Producing Meteoroids with the Earth’s Atmosphere and Influence of Meteoric Matter on the Ionospheric E-Region

#T-1932Meteorite-Dropping Bodies and Seismo-Ionospheric Effects

Atmospheric Researches of the Astrospace And Planetary Factors of the Occurrence of Natural Disasters on the Earth

#T-1970Large objects in meteoroid streams

Revelation of large objects or extinct comet nuclei in meteoroid streams

#T-1975Meteorite-Dropping Bolides

Complex photo, radar and seismic researches of the meteorite-dropping meteoroids and their fragments

#T-2070Dormant comets among the near-Earth asteroids

Search for the dormant comets among the near-Earth asteroids and detection of large meteoroids by the Tajikistan fireball network