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#2743Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

Development and Manufacturing of the Automatic System for the Measurement of Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

#3657Own Air Atmosphere Pressure of Space Vehicles

Creation of the Autonomous System for Own Air Atmosphere Pressure Control of Space Vehicles for Extra Vehicle Ativity Monitoring and Leakproofness Control of Orbital Complexes in Pilot or Automatic Regimes of Flight

#G-458Expert Systems for Astronauts

Development of the Information and Expert System of Support, Self-control and Interpretation of Functional and Psycho-Somatic States of a Spaceman in conditions of the Autonomous Flight on the International Manned Space Stations

#G-679Interplanetary Station on Celestial Bodies

Technical and Economical Basing of Space Development Using Celestial Bodies

#K-662Remote Sensing for Locust Population Monitoring

To Study Spatial Structure of Mass Propagations Centers of Parasitic Kinds of Locusts by Methods of Remote Sensing for Elaboration of Ecologically Safe Technology for Agricultural Lands Protection

#K-793Remote Sensing of the Ecologically Destabilized Regions

Remote Sensing of the Ecologicaled Destabiliz Regions Owing to Pesticide Pressure