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#0390Space Nuclear System Simulation

Development of the Simulation Methods for the Space Nuclear Power Systems in Support of International Projects (Pioner).

#0432Autonomous Robots

Autodriver (Control Systems for Mobile Autonomous Robots)

#1245Plutonium-238 Power Source

Development of Plutonium-238 Small-Sized Low Power Radiation Safe Thermal and Electric Radio nuclide Power Sources Intended for Use During Long Space Flights Aimed at the Investigation of the Outer Planets and Small Bodies of the Solar System

#1265Rover with Video-Navigation System

Rover with Automatic Navigation System

#1374Homochirality as Extraterrestial Life Indicator

Search for Homochirality as a Signature of Extraterrestial Life

#1375Orbital Ionization-neutron Calorimeter

Ionization-neutron Calorimeter in orbit (INCAO); First Phase: Experimental Balloon Module

#1380Magnetic Measurements with Aerostats

Technology of Stratospheric Balloon Gradient Magnetic Surveys at 20-40 Km Altitudes:Solution of Fundamental and Applied Problems of the Earth's Lithosphere Structure

#1451Space Impact Experiments

Mathematical Modeling of Space Experiments Using of High-Velocity Impacts of Artificial Objects with Surface of Small Bodies of the Solar System

#1578Space Remote Energy Transmission

Space Remote Energy Transmission (Development, Simulation and Pre-Starting Procedures for Remote Energy Transmission Experiment in Outer Space)

#1812Research Spacecraft for Asteroids Studies

Conception of Creation of Research Spacecraft with Kinetic Penetrators for Aimed Attack on Asteroids to Study Their Properties

#2222Chemical Evolution of Planet Substance at Impact

Experimental Research of Chemical Evolution of Substance of the Moon and Other Bodies of Solar System by Methods of High-Speed Shock Modeling

#2471Space Environmental Index

Elaboration of the Space Environment Activity Index Taking into Account the Actual State of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere

#3332Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena

Development of a Computer-Aided System for Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena and Estimating Disturbances Caused by them in the Earth Space Environment

#3370Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

Special-Purpose Equipment Set for Correlated Investigations of the Dynamics of Relativistic Electron Fluxes in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

#3704Electromagnetic Radiation Flashes in the Atmosphere

Study of Fast Flashes of Electromagnetic Radiation in Earth Atmosphere aboard of Artificial Satellites of the Earth. Experiment, Theory, Numerical Simulations

#3954Hard X-Ray Concentrator for Astrophysics

Development of the Advanced Systems of Concentration of Radiation of Hard X-Ray Range for Astrophysical Studies

#B-507Software for Satellite Monitoring

Development of Remote Sensing Methods and Hardware to Test and Improve Optical Space Data on the Atmosphere and Earth Surface in Eastern Europe

#G-1118Precursors of the Caucasus Earthquakes

Triggers and Precursors of the Caucasus Large Earthquakes

#G-679Interplanetary Station on Celestial Bodies

Technical and Economical Basing of Space Development Using Celestial Bodies

#T-1970Large objects in meteoroid streams

Revelation of large objects or extinct comet nuclei in meteoroid streams