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#0233Electronic Scanning Radars

Investigation and Ellaboration of Control Principles of High-Performance Electronic Scan Radars for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and Facilities

#0320Parachute Landing Control System

Development of Automatic Control System for Freight Accurate Landing (Water Landing) Gliding Parachute (ACSFLP)

#0449VTOL Aircraft with Tilt-Rotor Systems

Research of Problems in the Creation of Convertible Passenger and Transport Aircraft with Tilt-Rotor System.

#0469Flying Vehicle Drag Reduction

Development of a New Technology for the Reduction of Vehicle Drag.

#0485Ground Aerospace Vehicles Testing

Development of Superhigh Pressure and Temperature Power System for Gasdynamic Investigation.

#0848Impact of Ice Formations on Flight Safety

Development of Methods for Calculating Shapes of Ice Formations and their Impact on Aerodynamic Characteristics, Stability, Control and Flight Safety of Civil Aircraft

#0852Satellite Location on Aircraft Crashes

Development of a Satellite System for the Precise Location of Aircaft Crashes

#0871New Configurations of Airplane Elements

Investigation of Aerodynamic, Structural and Technological Aspects of New Configurations of Airplane Elements and their Conversion Application

#1017Aerodynamics of Hypersonic Vehicles

Aerodynamics of Super and Hypersonic Vehicles

#1170Optimization of SST Aircraft Configurations

Optimization of 3-D Components and Integrated Configurations of Supersonic Aircraft

#1385Space System based on Conversion Missiles

Design of a Space System LV/SC based on Converted Ballistic Missiles and a Small Universal Space Platform for Solar System Exploration

#1553Concept of Dynamic Safety of Aviation (CoDySa)

Research and Development of Mathematics Models, Hardware and Software for Dynamic Safety of Aviation

#1578Space Remote Energy Transmission

Space Remote Energy Transmission (Development, Simulation and Pre-Starting Procedures for Remote Energy Transmission Experiment in Outer Space)

#1672Supersonic Plasma Flows Monitoring

Development of Diagnostic Methods of Supersonic Flow of Plasma and Creation of a Laboratory Prototype of an Automated Diagnostic Complex

#1676Sound Barrier Overcoming

Development of a Method for Easing of a Shock Wave at Passage of a Sound Barrier

#1693Space Plane Investigation in New Wind Tunnel

Atmospheric Re-entry Spaceplane Aerodynamic Problem Investigation at Hypersonic Wind Tunnel of the New Generation

#1895Aircraft Flight Routes Optimization

Synthesizing 4D Flight Paths of Civil Aircraft in the Framework of “Free Flight” Concept

#2498Expert system of flight safety increase

Complex researches of an opportunity to increase flight safety of civil airplanes with the help of an expert crew emergency decision support system

#2743Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

Development and Manufacturing of the Automatic System for the Measurement of Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

#2818Modeling of Geodynamic Processes

New Mathematical Methods and Software for Geophysical Applications