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#0397Superconductivity in Strong Gamma & Neutron Fields

Investigation of non-thermal Possibilities of Origin of the Superconductivity in High-Energy Pulsed High-gamma-neutron Fluxed.

#0446Intensive Ion Beam Acceleration

Development of Acceleration Method for an Intensive Ion Beam.

#0642Thermodinamical Calculations of EOS

Theoretical and Practical Elaborate the Scheme of the Thermodinamical Calculation of the Equation of State of Matter

#0668Cold Compression Curves

CRYSTAL: Systematic Ab Initio Calculations of Cold (T= 0K) Compression Curves for Chemical Elements and Some Compounds

#0671Hyper-Velocity Impact

Investigation of Hyper-velocity Impact of Solid Particles to Barriers

#0724Hydrogen in Structural Materials

Hydrogen in Structural Materials Conducting with High Temperature-High Pressure Steam

#0775Irradiation of Si-Structures

Mesoscopic Phenomenon in Disordered Si-based Structures at Neutrons and Gamma-rays Irradiation

#0812Solids under Ultra-High Pressure

Studies of Structural Changes of Solid State Bodies Under Ultra-High Pressure Test Explosions with Sample Preservation

#1141Electromagnetic Waves in Magnetic Media

Anomalous Behavior of Magnetic Permeability and of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Velocity and Reflecance in the Region of Magnetic Phase Transitions

#1219Co-57 Decay for Solid State Physics

Study of Aftereffects of Nuclear Decay of Co-57 in Cobaltates and Ferrates of Rare earth Elements to Expand the Advantages of the Emission NGR Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Complex Oxides of Rare Earth and Transition Metals and Prediction of Proper

#1232Deformed Crystals Structure by X-ray

X-ray Diffraction Study of Crystals Phase Transitions at Fast Deformations

#1301Shok Wave Monograph Publication

Publication of Monograph "Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter"

#1304Database on Materials under High Pressure and Temperature

Integrated Database on Material Properties at High Pressures and Temperatures

#1323Data Bank on Materials Properties

Data Bank on Phisical-Mechanical Properties

#1396Penetration of Micro-particles into Solids

Physical Processes of Anomalistic Penetration of Micro-particles into Solid Bodies.

#1502Thermoconductivity of Heterogeneous Media

Development of Theoretical Basis of Heterogeneous Materials Heat Conductivity Verification of Obtained Relationships

#1615Cathode Luminescent Field Emission Light Sources

Design and Creation of the Working Prototypes of the Cathode-luminescent, Lightly Effective, Ecologically Pure Light Sources for Different Purposes, Utilising the Phenomenon of the Field Electron Emission of the Nanoclucter Carbon Structure

#1620Doping and Radiation effects in Intermetallic Structures

Revealing of Ordered Intermetallic Based Construction Materials Phase Structure States and Radiation Defects Evolution Legitimatise under Doping, Mechanical, Thermal and Radiation Effects

#1683New High Light Scintillators

Development of New Scintillators with High Light Yield for Use in Nuclear Physics and Medicine