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#0379Simulation of Electro-Optical System

Development of the Application Program Library for Mathematical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Complex Structure Electron-Optical Systems.

#0386-3Low Divergence EM-beam

Development of a Method for Producing Electromagnetic Wave Beams with Small Divergence

#0742Registration of Weak UV-Radiation

Research of Weak UV-Radiation Registration Methods in Presence of Visible Range Radiation with Use Photoelectron Devices for Surface Condition Analysis

#0853Radiowave Absorption by Quasiatom Complexes

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Radiowave Absorption and Scattering Quasiatomic Complexes and Threadlike Structures

#0955Radar Remote Sensing

Subsurface radar Remote Sensing of Earth from Space in Interests of National Economy and Ecology

#1329Radio Interferometer Complex

Creation of Radio Interferometer Complex on Basis of the Radio Telescope in «Kalyazin» (RT-64, Russia) for Astrophysical Investigation with Very High Angle Resolution

#1401Chambers for Electromagnetic Tests

Computation of the Anechoic Chambers Constructions for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

#1423Electromagnetic Effects on Human

Elaboration of Devices Complex for Estimating the Exposure of Human Beings to Electromagnetic Radiation

#1505Radio-Tomography of the Ocean

Diagnostics of Near-Water Wind Velocity, Surface Currents and Contamination of Oceans and Seas by Radar Methods. Methods, Procedures and Facilities for Computer Radar Tomography of Undersea Phenomena

#1677Radiophone Ecological Safety

Development and Research of Radiation Deflector that Increases the Operation Time and Ecological Safety of Radiophone

#1729Spectrometer - Dosimeter

Development and Investigation of the Small-Scale Desk-Top Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer - Ionizing Emissions Dosimeter

#1733High-Power Sources of Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation

Creation of High-Power Sources of Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation for Energy, Information and Acceleration Systems

#1875Effect of Highly Turbulent Plasmoids on Radio Communications

The Influence of Highly Turbulent Plasma Formations in the Earth Environment on Propagation and Information Parameters of Radio Signals Used for Communication with Space Missiles and for Monitoring their Movement

#1953Telecommunication Technique Based on Time Modulation

Development of Receiving and Transmitting Antennas, Tracts and Facilities of Measurement of the Shape of Standard Pulse for Communication Method Based on Time Modulation of the Signals (Time Domain)

#2071Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

Physical Models for Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

#2209Planar Free Electron Maser and Non-Linear Effects

Generation and Amplification of Microwave Radiation Pulses in High-Power FEM with Two-Dimensional Distributed Feedback and Non-Linear Effects at High Radiation Intensity

#2543Portable Device for Detection of Hidden Objects

Detection of Hidden Objects by Their Dielectric Properties

#2636Nonlinear Radar Systems

Development of Systems for Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Observation Based on Nonlinear-Radar Principles

#2751Microwave Technology of the Flax Processing

Development of Foundations of Microwave Technology for the Processing of Flax and Flax-Inclusive Materials into Products of Different Kinds

#2827Dielectric and Electric Properties of Natural Media Constituents

Dielectric and Electric Properties of Natural Media Characteristic Constituents in Wide Frequency Range – from UHF to X-Band, and Their Use in Microwave Remote Sensing