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#0018Reactor Pumped Laser for ICF

Reactor Pumped Laser for ICF Feasibility

#0105Iodine Lasers

Development of technical proposal to create multichannel iodine laser, generating 5 MTAI the third harmonic frequency and experimental investigations of the "Risk Reduction Programs" (IGNIS Project).

#0322Excimer UV-Radiation Source

On the Creation of a Continuous Narrow-Band Plasma-Chemical Excimer UV-light Source of 0.1- Okw Power.

#0395Calculation for Laser Processing

Radiation Gasdynamic and Thermal-Mechanical Investigation on Optimizing of Technological Quantum Optical Generators (QOG) Parameters.

#0444Technological Excimer Lasers

Universal Eximer Laser Complex for Technological Applications.

#0530Laser Nuclear with Nuclear Pumping

Gas Dynamics and Optics of Nuclear Pumped Laser Channel

#0546Discharge-Pumped Excimer Laser

Creation of a Discharge-pumped Excimer Laser with High-pulse-repetition Rate

#0575-2X-Ray Laser and Microscope

X-ray Laser on the Base of Optic Breakdown by Bessel Beam and X-ray Microscope

#0578Thick Holographic Optical Elements

Thick Holographic Optical Elements

#0601Irradiated Fiber Optics

Investigation of Fiber Optic Properties in the Strong Radiation Fields

#0745Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

Investigation of Electron-Vibrational-Rotational Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

#0750Laser Separation of Silicon Isotopes

Work out of the Laser Separation of Silicon Isotopes Technology Principles

#0758Phase Locking of Multibeam Lasers

Development of New Multibeam Lasers and Methods of Phase Locking of Multibeam Laser Systems

#0831Waveguide CO-Laser

RF Excited Waveguide CO Laser

#0854Metal Vapour Lasers

Research and Development of a New Family of High-efficiency Metal Vapor Lasers Pumped by Runaway Electron Beams Generated in a Gas Discharge

#0865Hologram Optical Elements

Development and Creation of a Hologram Optical-Element Set for Educational and Experimental Works

#0944Laser Treatment of Cancer

Development of Laser Installations and Methods for Laser Treatment of Oncological and Infectious Disease and Radiation Lesions

#0952PF-Excited CO2 Lasers

Research and Development of Multislab PF-Excited CO2 lasers for Material Processing

#0956Laser Protection Against Lightning

Laser Spark for Atmospheric Electricity Guidance

#0983Diagnostics of Malignant Growths

Development of Firmware Complex for Diagnosis of Malignant Growths by Multiple Attenuated Total Internal Reflection Methods