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#0293Parallel Algorithms for Gas Dynamic Codes

Development of Paralleling Algorithms and Concentration Lagrangian-Eulerian Gas Dynamics Technique Implementation on Massively Parallel Computers.

#0673Gas and Plasma Dynamics

Computational Algorithms and Numerical Methods for, and Results of, Solution of Currently Challenging Problems in Gas/Plasma and Body Motion Mechanics

#0819Deflagration on Hydrogen Mixtures

Experimental Investigation of Deflagration to Detonation Transition in Hydrogen Mixtures in Closed Volume

#1164Models of Transonic Flows

New Dynamic Models of Unsteady Viscous Transonic Aerodynamics

#1226Ozone-Safe Refrigerants

Study of Thermal Physical Properties of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants to Validate their Introduction as Substitutes for R12 and R22

#1250Laser Diagnostics of Detonation Waves

Experimental Study of Detonation Wave Structure of Condensed High Explosives in Nanosecond and Subnanosecond Range by Laser Velocimeters

#1315Shock-Induced Mixing in Layered Media.

Modeling of Shock-Induced Mixing in Layered Media.

#1393Non-spherical Shock Waves in Liquids

Research of Generation Mechanism and Focusing Process of Non-One-Dimensional Shock Waves in Liquids

#1426Hydrodynamics of Tsunami Waves

Mathematical Modeling of Hydrodynamics Guiding the Evolution of Catastrophic Tsunami Waves

#1456Prevention and Suppression of Natural Disasters

Research of Identification Nature Prevention and Suppression of Destructive Tropical Cyclones, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, and Development of Methods of Their Prevention and Suppression

#1503Dust Protection of Gas Turbines

Development of Software for Optimal Design of Dustproof Devices (DPD) for Gas Turbine Installations of Various Functions, Design, Production and Testing of a Pilot Model

#1505Radio-Tomography of the Ocean

Diagnostics of Near-Water Wind Velocity, Surface Currents and Contamination of Oceans and Seas by Radar Methods. Methods, Procedures and Facilities for Computer Radar Tomography of Undersea Phenomena

#1676Sound Barrier Overcoming

Development of a Method for Easing of a Shock Wave at Passage of a Sound Barrier

#1693Space Plane Investigation in New Wind Tunnel

Atmospheric Re-entry Spaceplane Aerodynamic Problem Investigation at Hypersonic Wind Tunnel of the New Generation

#1728Shock-Wave Spraying

Powder Spraying on Bases by Using the Shock-Wave Loading Processes under Conditions of Low Temperatures

#1732Carbon Nitride Synthesis by Shock Waves

Experimental Study of Possibility for Carbon Nitride Synthesis under Shock – Wave Loading

#1739Molecular Mixing in Rayleigh -Taylor Turbulence

Study of Molecular Mixing Effects and Heterogeneous Structure of Rayleigh -Taylor Turbulence

#1967Magnetic Stabilization in Liner Implosion

Study of Magnetic Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability under Conditions of Liner Implosion by Magnetic Fields Formed by Helical Magnetic Generators

#2144Shock Waves in Liquid Metal Targets

Feasibility, Technological Development and Shock Hydrodynamic Modeling of Liquid Metal Targets in High Magnetic Fields for Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics and Fusion Energy Applications

#2160Whirlwind Fluids and the Coherent Hydrodynamical Structures

The Mechanism of Initial Conditions in Formation of Coherent Hydrodynamical Structures and the Incipient Stage of Whirlwind Fluid Formation