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#0713Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Mathematical Modeling of Nuclear Process in the Framework of Super-ninequilibrium Thermodinamics

#0778Chemical Composition of Galaxies

Evolution of the Chemical Composition of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

#0820Photoexitation of Nuclei by X-ray

Research into Photoexcitation of Nuclei by Characteristic X-Radiation

#0934Transport of Hydrogen Ions

Investigation of the Elementary Processes Acting on Production and Transport of Intensive Beams of Negative Hydrogen Ions

#0976Fluctuations in Transition Metals

Fluctuation Phenomena in Transition Metal and Actinide Based Systems with Magnetic and Structural Instabilities

#1049Nuclear Level Density Studies

Level Density Studies Based on Measurements of Evaporation Spectra and Cross-Section Fluctuations in Nuclear Reactions

#1096Nuclear Fragmentation

Multifragmentation of Nuclei Induced by Relativistic Light Ions

#1133Hydrogen Composition for Cold Neutron Sources

Study of the Effect of Ortho/Para and H/D Composition in Liquid Hydrogen on the Cold Neutron Exit

#1219Co-57 Decay for Solid State Physics

Study of Aftereffects of Nuclear Decay of Co-57 in Cobaltates and Ferrates of Rare earth Elements to Expand the Advantages of the Emission NGR Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Complex Oxides of Rare Earth and Transition Metals and Prediction of Proper

#1227Properties of Transuranium Radionuclides

Transuranium Radionuclides: Producing Highly Enriched Isotope Samples, Measuring Emission Probabilities of Radiations and Decay Data Evaluation

#1258High Precision Radiation Measurements

Method of High Precision Measurements of the Gamma Intensity ( delta I / I Method ) and Applications

#1305Exotic Nuclei States

Investigation of the Exotic States of the Atomic Nuclei

#1345Radioactive Targets

Development and Creation of Radioactive Targets on the Basis of Russian Nuclear Technologies

#1714Nuclear Reactions in Z-Pinch Gas Discharge

Investigation of Reactions Between Light Nuclei at Ultralow Energies Using Z-Pinch

#1744Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei

Investigation of Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei with T=2 Near Neutron-Decay Thresholds Using Tritium Beam

#1749Fission Cross Sections for Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Cross Sections of Fast and Resonance Neutrons Induced Fission of Minor Actinides for Their Transmutation with Accelerator-Driven Systems

#1796Nuclear Data for Astrophysics

An Extended Data Base of the Beta-Decay Properties and Nuclear Reaction Rated for Astrophysical Applications

#1825Improvement of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy

Method Development of Essential Increase of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy Resolving Power and of New Type Gamma-Sources Design for Use in This Field

#1930Light Nuclei at Neutron Stability Border

Structure of the Lightest Nuclei on the Border of Neutron Stability

#2162Mobile Device for Detection of Narcotics

Mobile Device for Detection of Narcotics, Including Hidden and Sealed Ones