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#1692Solar Energy Concentration

Development of the Concept of Ecologically Safe Energy System Based on Solar Energy Concentrated from Space

#4061Low-Potentional Heat Energy Sources

Scientific and Technical Substantiation of the Methods for Increasing the Ecological and Economic Efficiency of Thermomechanical Conversions in Using Low-Potential Heat Sources

#A-1254Solar Tracking Power Station

Development of Solar Tracking Power Station Prototype

#A-1546Solar Energy Systems for Terrestrial Applications

Cost Effective Photovoltaic and Thermal (Hybrid) Solar Energy Systems for Terrestrial Applications

#A-1656Oxide Based Solar Cells

Development of Oxide Based Low Cost Thin Film Solar Cells

#A-1904Combined Solar and Biogas Plant

Development and Research of Combined Solar and Biogas Plant for Medical Waste Disposal

#A-1944Micro-Focusing X-Ray Optics

Micro-Focusing X-Ray Optics

#A-384Electrochemical Solar Energy Converter

Elaboration of Electrochemical Solar Energy Converter Incorporating Cadmium Selenide Semiconductor Developed Electrochemically

#A-660Silicon Wafer Bonding

Development and Investigation of Characteristics of Low-Cost Reliable Microelectronic Devices and Processes Using Advanced Direct Silicon Wafer Bonding

#A-770Solar Heater for Liquids

New Automatic Solar Heater of Flowing Liquid

#A-839Solar Concentrator Electric Station

Development of a New Type of 1.5/3 kW Solar Power Mini Station with Helioconcentrator and Thermal Engine on the Base of "Intellectual" Alloys with Shape Memory Effect

#A-919Combine Energetic Installations for Use of Solar, Biogas and Wind Energy

Development of Concepts of Technical Decisions of Creation of the Combined Power Installations for Use of Alternative Energy Sources

#A-958“Solar Energy Conversion Systems” Monograph

Preparation of the “Solar Energy Conversion Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems Design” Monograph

#B-1326Solar Energy Systems in Fry Breeding

Development of the Pond Pisciculture Intensification Technology by Improving the Biological Living Conditions for Young Fish Applying PV-Energy

#B-1367Solar Cell for Hydrogen Preparation

Development of Cascade Solar Cell with Heterojunctions on the Basis of Metal Oxides and their Solid Solutions as Breakthrough in the Problem of Hydrogen Preparation from Water

#B-1915Solar Cells Based on Tin Sulfide Compounds

Thin Film Solar Cells Based on SnSx and Cu2SnZnS4 Semiconductor Compounds on Flexible, Nanostructured Metal Substrates and Superstrates

#G-2033Microalgae for biodiesel

Development of a novel, economically viable bio-process integrating production of microalgae-for-biodiesel with wastewater treatment

#G-2310Wind, Solar Energy Multiplier by Water Resources

Wind and Solar Energy Multiplier with Use of Water Resources and Hydraulic Units Operating at Variable Water Levels without Violation of Energy Conservation Principle

#G-697.2Solar Energy Cadastre for Georgia

Investigation of Helioenergetical Resources of Georgia and Creation of Solar Energy Cadastre

#K-2054Solar cells based on zinc and tin sulfide compounds

Development of new technology for creation of thin film solar cells on base zinc and tin sulfides