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#0694Thermoionic Fuel Elements

Development of the System for Ex-reactor Heating of Multy-cell Thermoionic Fuel Assemblies and for Obtaining their J-V Characteristics

#0877Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures

Investigation of the Macrokinetics and Energy of Self-Oscillatory Processes of Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures Proposed for the Design of Short-Term Thermal and Electrical Sources

#0930Gas Wind Turbine

RADUGA- Gas-Wind-Turbine Pwer Station

#0995Fuel Elements

Fuel Elements with Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) Having Efficiency of up to 70%

#1209Turbine on Missile Fuels

The Turbine-Electric System of Enhanced Efficiency for Deepwater Vehicles and Installations Using the Missile Fuels

#1407Metal Hydride Automobile Refrigerator

Development of Metal Hydride Refrigerator, Working on Heat of Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases

#1545MHD Induced Seismicity

Induced Seismicity Due to Electromagnetic Impact Caused by MHD Generator

#1643Polymer Fuel Energy Installation

Pilot Energy Conversion Installation Based on Fuel Cell with Polymer Electrolyte Membrane

#2010Samarium Sulfide Semiconductors

Development of Samarium Sulfide Based Semiconductor Technology and its Usage while Serial Fabrication of Primary Semiconducting Transducers

#2282Semiconductor Electrochemical Conversion

Development and Research of the Thin-Film Structures for Semiconductor Catalytic Systems for Direct Conversion of Chemical Energy into Electric Power

#3393.2Membrane Technologies of Water Purification

Development of Highly-Selective Energy-Saving Membrane Technologies of Water Purification and Desalination

#3490Elements of Field Emission Video Screens

Elements of Field Emission Video Screens

#3523Atmospheric Electricity in Kyrgyzstan

Atmospheric Electrical and Ion Fields in Kyrgyz Republic

#3539Float Wave Electric Power Station

Development of the Model of the Float Wave Electric Power Station

#3603New Energy Materials Based on Non-Molecular Nitrogen

Search for New Energy Materials based on Metastable Cluster and Polymeric Forms of Non-Molecular Nitrogen by Means of Computer Modeling from the First Principles, and Experimental Researches

#3933Actuators Based on Quasi One-Dimentional Conductors

Micro- and Nanoactuators on the Basis of Quasi One-Dimensional Conductors

#3974Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Saving Power Supply System for Autonomous Objects

#4026Thermionic Converter Based Rectifier

Creation of a High-Current Low-Voltage Thermionic Rectifier with the Phase Control of the Output Voltage

#A-710Oxygen Generator for Fuel Cells

Oxygen Generator Based on Nitrogen Adsorption from Air Using Natural Zeolites for Application in Fuel Cells

#A-919Combine Energetic Installations for Use of Solar, Biogas and Wind Energy

Development of Concepts of Technical Decisions of Creation of the Combined Power Installations for Use of Alternative Energy Sources