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#1690New Class of Refrigerator Technology

Elaboration of New Class of Energy Saving Domestic Refrigerating Equipment (project HOLT)

#2026Monograph on Electrosorption Phenomena in Heat Insulators

Writing of the Monograph: “Electrosorption Phenomena in Screen-Vacuum Heat Insulation Layers”

#2054Plate-Type Heat Exchanger

Conduction of Experimental Studies of Heat Exchange Element of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger Aiming at Enhancement of its Effectiveness Owing to Design Improvement and Optimization of Used Heat Exchange Intensifiers

#2665Independent Giving Heat Systems

Development and Researches Independent Giving Heat of Systems Using a Hydrodynamical Principle of Heating of a Liquid, with the Increased Fire-prevention Properties

#2989Heat Exchanger with Steeply Curved Coils

Experimental Studies of "Gas-Water" Heat Exchangers with Heat Exchange Surface of Steeply Curved Self-Spacer Coils

#3146Superparamagnetic Magnetocaloric Materials

Fabrication and Investigation of Superparamagnetic Nanocomposite and Molecular Cluster Materials Suitable for Using as Working Bodies in Magnetic Cooling Devices

#3375Heatexchanger Reliabiligy

Technological Ways of Increasing of Reliability of Heat – Exchange Apparatuses by Increasing the Contact Pressure in the Tube to Tubesheet Joints

#3388Compact Heat Exchangers

Experimental Investigation of Models of Enhanced Compact Heat Exchangers for High Temperature Facility Recuperator Application

#3594Heat Pipes for Pedestrian Municipal Objects

Development of Energy-Saving Technology based on High-Efficiency Heat Pipes for Warming Municipal Pedestrian Objects

#3750Medium-Temperature Heat Pipes

Development of Two-Phase Heat-Exchange Systems on a Basis of Heat Pipes with High Characteristics

#3780Reactor Temperature Control

Modernization of Metrological Security of Reactor Thermometry Taking into Account Quality of Thermal Contact Between Thermocouple and Object and Degradation of its Characteristics at Irradiation

#4061Low-Potentional Heat Energy Sources

Scientific and Technical Substantiation of the Methods for Increasing the Ecological and Economic Efficiency of Thermomechanical Conversions in Using Low-Potential Heat Sources

#A-919Combine Energetic Installations for Use of Solar, Biogas and Wind Energy

Development of Concepts of Technical Decisions of Creation of the Combined Power Installations for Use of Alternative Energy Sources

#G-2310Wind, Solar Energy Multiplier by Water Resources

Wind and Solar Energy Multiplier with Use of Water Resources and Hydraulic Units Operating at Variable Water Levels without Violation of Energy Conservation Principle

#G-688Initial Stages of Boiling

Investigation of the Beginning of Boiling Process and its Hysteresis Zone by Optical and Electrocapacity Methods

#G-869Energy Saving System of Air Conditioning

High Ecological and Energy Saving Systems of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

#K-2446Scientific basis for selecting materials for adsorption systems

Development of a scientific basis for selecting materials for adsorption cooling system and adsorption energy storage.

#KR-1305Safe Use of Hydrogen

The Development of Technology of Hydrogen Safe Use for Dwelling Heating and Kitchen-Ranges

#KR-1647Ecological Settlement in the Issyk-Kul Biosphere Reserve

Ecological Settlement in the Issyk-Kul Biosphere Reserve

#KR-1940Stand-alone Energy Installations

Autonomic Energy Installations based on Renewing Energy Sources and Energy Saving Technologies