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#1790Environmentally Pure Solid Fuel

Development of Environmentally Pure and Effective Heat Source Based on Solid Carbon Hydride Fuel

#1905Fuel Briquettes from Sawdust

Development of technology for reprocessing of wood – working industry waste (sawdust) into fuel briquettes of “sawdust firewood” type

#2183Industrial Equipment for Intensification of Oil and Gas Wells

Development, Manufacture, Tests and Introduction into the Oil and Gas Industry of the Electrohydroimpulse Action Equipment Affecting upon Productive Oil and Gas Layers Aimed at Magnification of Yields of Productive Wells. Preparation for Serial Production

#2255Combustion of Heavy Hydrocarbons at Ultrahigh Pressure

Ignition and Combustion of Heavy Hydrocarbons at Ultrahigh Pressure: Detailed Kinetics of Process and Pollutants Formation

#2850Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams

Perspective and Ecological Pure Technology of Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams for Purpose of Intensification of Hydrocarbonic Fuel Production

#3159Safe usage of energetic materials

Development of Oil Recovery Increase Technology for Low-Yield and Abandoned Oil Wells on the Base of Environmental Safe Usage of Energetic Materials

#3346Gun Powder for Anti-hail Missile

Investigation on highly-efficient ice-forming industrial propellant making and development on its basis an antihail rocket of new generation

#3734Hydrogen Generator

Research and Development of Hydrogen Technology Using Activated Aluminum Composites without Rare Earth Elements to Apply in Power Engineering and Transport

#3964Super Lightweight Metal-Composite High-Pressure Vessels

Investigation and Development of the Technological Scheme of Manufacturing Super-Light Metal-Composite High-Pressure Vessels

#4057Combustion of Crop Production Wastes

Development, Investigation and Improvement of a System of Incinerating Crop Production Wastes in Small Capacity Boilers

#4091Hydrogen Production by Alkane and Carbinol Dehydrogenation

Hydrogen Production by Alkane and Carbinol Dehydrogenation Catalyzed with Organometallic Complexes

#A-455New Hydrogen Production Technology

Creation of The Basis of Non-Traditional Technology of Hydrogen Production

#B-1050Large Territories Decontamination from Radionuclides

Development of Self-Repayment Decontamination Technology from Radionuclides in Large Territories

#G-2033Microalgae for biodiesel

Development of a novel, economically viable bio-process integrating production of microalgae-for-biodiesel with wastewater treatment

#G-2136Nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

Creation of cheap efficient nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

#G-2382Integration of wastewater treatment with microalgae-for-biodiesel production

Development of a novel, economically viable bio-process integrating wastewater treatment with production of microalgae-for-biodiesel

#G-924Alkane Dehydrogenation

Dihydrogen Production from Alkanes. Elaboration of Promising Homogeneous Catalysts

#K-1107Transportation of Paraffinaceous Oil

Development of Depressant Technology for Transportation of Paraffinaceous Oil by the Means of Oil-Trunk Pipeline Uzen’-Atyrau-Samara

#K-1456Smokeless Coal Briquette

Development of a Smokeless Ecologically-Friendly Coal Briquette Technology

#K-2371Coal and MSW gasification in CFB

Development of the technology of circulating fluidized bed (hereinafter-CFB) to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of coal gasification, as well as incineration of municipal solid waste (hereinafter - MSW).