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#0472Oil and Gas Explosive Perforators

Investigation of Explosions as Applied to Drilling and Opening of Oil and Gas Well for Creation and Improvement of Some Types of Perforation Apparatus.

#1209Turbine on Missile Fuels

The Turbine-Electric System of Enhanced Efficiency for Deepwater Vehicles and Installations Using the Missile Fuels

#1350Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Optimization

Optimization of Mass-Exchange in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) and Investigation of Transport Phenomena of Reactants and Products in Electrode/Membrane Assemblies (EMA) Taking into Account Macrokinetic Properties of Electrochemical Reactions

#1398Combustion Synthesis for Molten Carbonates

Application of Combustion Synthesis Method to Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology

#2233Carbon Sequestration in Gasification Cycles

Development of Technology for Cleaning of Generator Gas Produced in Gasification of Coal and Coal Containing Materials

#2665Independent Giving Heat Systems

Development and Researches Independent Giving Heat of Systems Using a Hydrodynamical Principle of Heating of a Liquid, with the Increased Fire-prevention Properties

#3227Super Low Emission Vehicle

Development of the Vehicle Prototype Based on board Reforming of Natural Gas into Synthesis Gas and Providing Super Low Emission and Saving of Fuel

#3618Microprocessor of Dimethylether for Fuel Cells

Development of Catalytic Microprocessor of Dimethylether for Solid Polymer Fuel Cells

#3679Hydrogen Production

Development of Hydrogen Production Technology Based on Direct Contact of Water, Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Their Mixtures with Liquid Pb and Pb-Bi

#3738Catalytic Microheater for Cassette Type Fuel Cell

Development of a Multifunctional Catalytic Microheater from Metal Fiber Mesh Sheet for Portable Cassette-Type Fuel Cell Stacks

#4059Fuel Production from Organic Raw Materials

Development of Complex Technique of High-Energy Fuel Production from Low-Calorie Organic Raw Material

#G-2305Wastewater to Fuel

Creation of Environmentally and Energetically High Effective Electric Arc Reactor for Cleaning the Wastewater and Producing Fuel from Wastewater and Carbon Dioxide

#K-1087Electromagnetic Field and Petroleum Distillation

Research of Influence of an Electromagnetic Field on Petroleum Distillation Process

#K-1343Plasma-Fuel Systems

Development of Autonomous Plasma-Fuel Systems and Coal-Fired Power Boiler Modernization

#K-2371Coal and MSW gasification in CFB

Development of the technology of circulating fluidized bed (hereinafter-CFB) to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of coal gasification, as well as incineration of municipal solid waste (hereinafter - MSW).

#KR-1718Boiler for Agricultural Waste Burning

Development of Technology of Slagless Burning Granulated Agricultural Waste Products and Designing and Manufacturing of a Boiler where this Technology is Applied

#KR-1835Wasteless Processing of Brown Coal

Wasteless Processing of Brown Coal from a High-Mountainous Deposit

#T-2379New energy efficiency nanooxide thermoelectric materials

Elaboration of New High- temperature thermoelectric materials based on nanooxides for Energy Conversions: synthesis, characterization, toxicity