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#0302-2Hydroenergetics Systems without Dam

Damless Autonomous Hydroelectric Station

#0606Isotope Electrical Generators

Physical Principles of Creating the Stationary Electrical Generators on the Basis of Direct Transformation of Radiation Energy of Long-lived Radioactive Isotopes with the Use of Doped Diamond Structure.

#0895Relay Protection

Development of Micro-Processor Equipment for Relay Protection and Automation of Power System Networks

#1209Turbine on Missile Fuels

The Turbine-Electric System of Enhanced Efficiency for Deepwater Vehicles and Installations Using the Missile Fuels

#1363Floating Wave Power Station

High Efficient Ecologically Pure Float Wave Electric Power Station

#1674Burning Processes Ecology

Development of the Burning Process Control Systems in Heat Power Installations Ensuring Ecological Cleanness and Safety of Power Industry Plants

#1873Non-Destructive Diagnostics of Transformer Coils

Developing Hardware, Software and Methodical Support for Diagnostics of High-Power Transformer Windings without their Disassembly

#2233Carbon Sequestration in Gasification Cycles

Development of Technology for Cleaning of Generator Gas Produced in Gasification of Coal and Coal Containing Materials

#2282Semiconductor Electrochemical Conversion

Development and Research of the Thin-Film Structures for Semiconductor Catalytic Systems for Direct Conversion of Chemical Energy into Electric Power

#2302Electric Power Meter

Development of the Fiber-Optical Counter of the Electric Power

#3395Thermochemistry for Liquid Radwaste Treatment

Development of Thermochemical Technology for Liquid Radwaste Pre-Disposal Treatment

#3539Float Wave Electric Power Station

Development of the Model of the Float Wave Electric Power Station

#3980Arc Protection Device

Advanced High Reliable and Fast Acting Device for Protection of Electrical Engineering Equipment from Arc Short Circuit

#4001Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials

Development of Technology for Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials, Investigation of Composition and Protective Properties of Nanocomposites

#4061Low-Potentional Heat Energy Sources

Scientific and Technical Substantiation of the Methods for Increasing the Ecological and Economic Efficiency of Thermomechanical Conversions in Using Low-Potential Heat Sources

#A-1993Mg-Air Fuel Cell

Development of Magnesium-Air Fuel Cell and its Components

#A-435Detection and Reduction of Energy Losses

Research into Causes of High Technical and Overnormative Commercial Losses in Low-tension (0,4 kV) Distribution Networks and into Ways of their Reduction

#B-1915Solar Cells Based on Tin Sulfide Compounds

Thin Film Solar Cells Based on SnSx and Cu2SnZnS4 Semiconductor Compounds on Flexible, Nanostructured Metal Substrates and Superstrates

#G-1045Piston Internal Combustion Engine

Development of the Universal Piston Internal Combustion Engine

#G-1264Windenergy potential of Georgia

Microscale Investigations of Windenergy Potential Under Conditions of Complicated Relief of Georgia, Based on Regional Assessments