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#0712Sulphur-Sodium Cell Batteries

Sulphur-Sodium Cell Batteries for Power Supply to Traction Motors of Transport Systems

#0825Molten-Carbonate Fuel Cell

Development of the Advanced Technology for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Production

#0826Simulation of Carbonate Fuel Cells

Mathematical Simulation of the Performance of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Performance

#0875Aluminum Air Cells

Electric Power Source on the Base of Aluminum Air Cells

#0925Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Development of the Methods of Synthesis of Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries

#1493Electrode Material for Chemical Current Sources

Investigation of Possibility for Production of Active Negative Electrode Material for Chemical Current Sources

#1643Polymer Fuel Energy Installation

Pilot Energy Conversion Installation Based on Fuel Cell with Polymer Electrolyte Membrane

#3112Separator Plates with Metal Felt Insertions

Development of Bipolar Separator Plates with Porous Insertions of Metal Felt as Bearing Surfaces for Fuel Cell Electrodes

#3228Modeling of Fuel Cells

Development of Physico-Mathematical Models and a Suite of Software Modules for Computer Modeling and Testing of Fuel Cell Designs Based on PRODAS Program

#3306Electrode for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

Development and Investigation of Alternative Oxygen Electrode Material for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

#3385Alloys for Fuel Cell Interconnects

Development of Ti-Based Alloys with Intermetallic Coatings for SOFC Interconnect

#3532Rotary Piston Engine

A rotary piston combustion engine

#4027Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Development of High Quality Nano-Sized Cathode Material Based on Lithium Iron-Phosphate Technology and Its Application for High Power Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) Assembling

#A-1794Transition Metal Alloys for Hydrogen Storage

The Using of SHS and “Hydride Cycle” Techniques for Synthesis the Alloys of Transition Metals with High Hydrogen Adsorbing Properties, as Effective Hydrogen Storage

#A-2131Development of technological processes for synthesis refractory metal alloys and intermetallics and theirs hydrides

Development of technological processes for synthesis in "hydride cycle" of refractory metal alloys and intermetallics, perspective as accumulators of hydrogen (hydrogen storage) and advanced structural materials

#A-2287Synthesis aluminides in Hydride Cycle

Formation of structure of hydrogen induced aluminides of IV-V group metals in hydride cycle and study of their physical - chemical properties

#K-1494Materials for Lithium Batteries

Synthesis of Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Advanced Lithium Batteries

#K-2321Anode materials

Development of high capacity novel lithium titanate and silicon based anode materials for state of the art lithium-ion batteries.