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#0274HTSC in Strong Magnetic Fields

Study of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTSC) Magnetic Properties in Ultrastrong Magnetic Fields.

#0555Pyroelectric Converters

Pyroelectric Converters of Pulse Ionizing Radiation Energy into Electric One.

#0603Low temperature Technology of SiC

Development of the Low Temperature Technology for Producing Semiconductor Devices on Base of Silicon Carbide

#0687Cathodes for High-Current Electronics

Development of Cathodes Intended for High-Current Electronics on the Base of Intercalated Laminar materials with High Electron Emission

#0873Functional Organic and Carbon Materials

Functional Organic and Carbon Materials

#0948Thin Film Organic Structures

Thin-Film Organic Structures for Electro-Luminescent Civilian Appliances

#1150Ion Synthesis

Ion Synthesis of High Temperature Superconducting Layers

#1402New Crystals for Electronic Chips

Investigation and Development of an Analogue Semicustom Array Chip Providing the Creation on its Basis of Radiation-Hard Multichannel LSIC for Physical Experiment Equipment, Ecological Monitoring and Medicine

#1437New Plastic Scintillators

Development of New Types of High Efficient Plastic Scintillators

#1964New Luminescent Materials for Displays

Development of New Highly Effective Luminescent Materials for New-Generation Display Devices

#2018New Spectrometry Crystals

CdZnTe Crystalls for Recording and Spectrometry of Nuclear Radiation

#2043Light Emitting Structures for Optoelectronics

Light Emitting Rare Earth Doped Si-based Structures for Optoelectronics

#2348Fluoride Materials for VUV Lasers

New Complex Fluoride Compounds as Promising Materials for Solid State Lasers, Fast Scintillators and Luminophors of UV and VUV Wavelength Regions

#2388Fluorescence Materials with Long Afterglow

Development of High-Effective Light-Reserving Fluorescence Materials with Long-Lived Afterglow for a Wide Spectrum of Applications

#2444Materials for Laser Frequency Conversion

New Materials for Laser Frequency Doubling System Based on the Non-Stoichiometric Chalcopyrite Structure Crystals

#2509Silicon-On-Insulator Structures

Technology Development and Production of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Structures by the Bonding of Wafers Using the Radiation-Induced Gas-Stimulated Splitting Method

#2512Investigation of Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses

Investigation of Functional Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses with Modifying Covering

#2659Optical Fibers under Irradiation

Effects Induced by Pulsed and Steady-State Irradiation of Silica Core Fiber Waveguides

#2810Materials for Vacuum Ultraviolet Emitters

New VUV Inorganic Media for High Technologies in Laser, Scintillation and Phosphor Techniques

#2837Influence of Radiations on Materials on the Basis of Fullerene

Research of the Ionizing Radiation Influence on the Fullerene-Based Constructional Materials