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#0583Sound Vibration Decrease

The Development of Practical Decisions of the Decrease of the Sound Vibratin and Noise in Products of Common-technical and Medical Purposes

#0584Vibration and Shock Resistance

The Development of Practical Decisions of Problems of the Maintenance of the Designs Units and Blocks Resistance at Actions of Extreme Vibrating and Shock Loads

#1259Material Improvement by Laser Radiation

Development of Industrial Technology of Magnetic Properties of Electrotechnical Materials Improvement by Pulse - Periodic CO2 - Laser Radiation

#1336Plasma Implantation for Surface Treatment

Development of Implantation-Plasma Surface Treatment and Creation of the Protecting Coating for the Improvement of High Temperature Oxidation Corrosion Resistance of Gas Turbine Blades and Other Machine Parts Operating Under Sign-Alternating Loading

#1414Elaboration of Scincillator Technology

Optimisation of the Technology, Production and Investigation of Scintillation Tiles

#1461Fibers for Carbon Composites

Development and Research of Technology Production of Super-Strength and Super-Modulus Carbon Fibers for Carbocomposites

#1596Aluminium Industry Waste Reprocessing

Development of Complex Technology for Reprocessing Aluminium Industry Harmful Waste with Separation of High-Pure Gallium and Copper Accompanying Products

#1916Sorbtion-Aerosol Fiber Filters

Development of Technology of Sorbtion – Aerosols Fibrous Superfiltres Produce in Electrostatic Poles

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#2010Samarium Sulfide Semiconductors

Development of Samarium Sulfide Based Semiconductor Technology and its Usage while Serial Fabrication of Primary Semiconducting Transducers

#2060Antifriction Cast-Iron

Investigation and Development of a Technology of Production of Antifriction Cast Iron Replacing Non-Ferrous Alloys

#2138Pilot Production Technology for Shape Memory Materials

Development of Pilot Production Technology of Thin Shape Memory Materials Based on Quasi-Binary Intermetallic Systems

#2148Polyurethane with Increased Fire Resistance

Development of Formulation and Pilot Technology for Production of Elastic Foam Polyurethane with Increased Fire Resistance

#2149Technology for Heat-Insulating Elements Production

Development of Construction and Pilot Technology for Production of Heat-Insulating elements for Refrigerating Equipment

#2192Surface Treatment with Energy Pulses

Surface Treatment of Dental and Body Implants from Advanced Cytocompatible Materials by Concentrated Pulsed Fluxes of Energy

#2268X-ray Optics Based on Uranium Compounds

Soft X-ray Reflective Optics Based on Depleted Uranium Compounds and Transition Metals for the 3-6nm Wavelength Interval

#2384Pure Materials from Semiconductor Waste

Development of Ecologically Safe Technologies for the Production of High Purity Materials (Gallium, Germanium, Arsenic) from Semiconductor Industry Waste

#2589Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials

Developing the Method of Production of Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials from Inorganic Waste for Use in Inorganic Materials and Organic Preparations for a Wide Range of Application

#2638Synthesis of Diamonds from Organic Compounds

Synthesis of Diamonds from Organic Compounds, Manufacturing of Diamond Compacts and Composites, and the Study of Physical and Chemical Properties of these Materials

#2663Dynamic Strength of Structural Materials for Nuclear Reactors

Study of Dynamic Strength of Structural Materials Used as First Wall of Nuclear Reactors and for Protection of Constructions and Containers against Outside Impact Loading