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#0586Oxygen-Iodine Laser

A Mobile Complex Based on the 7-9 kW Oxygen-Iodine Laser.

#0895Relay Protection

Development of Micro-Processor Equipment for Relay Protection and Automation of Power System Networks

#1082Electric Circuit Breakers

Carrying out Research on Developing the Electric Circuit Breakers Based on the Shape-Memory Materials

#1128Lightning Simulation

Investigation of Process of the Origin and Development of Lightning in a Thunderstorm Cloud on the Basis of Physical Simulation for the Purpose of Improving Calculation Methods for Lightning Protection of Facilities

#1146Plasma-Claster Coating Technology

Development of the Technology and an Experimental Unit for Plasma - Cluster Deposition of Wear and Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Cutting Tools and Machine Parts

#1276Reprocessing of High Explosive Components

Ecologically Clean Industrial Technological Line for Processing HE Details

#1670Metal Cutting Laser

Development of the Devices for the Increase of Thickness, Speed and Quality of the Gas-Assisted Laser Cutting

#1793Vibration Reduction in Electric Machines

Investigation and Development of Devices to Reduce Mechanical Vibration and Noise in Electric Machines

#2194Super-High-Speed Electric Machines with Magnetic Rotors

Development of Scientific Basis for Creating a New Generation of Super-High-Speed Electric Machines with Magnetic Rotors

#2453The Spray Drying Installation

Developing the Spray Drying Installation for Drying of Liquid Bioproducts under Reduced Temperatures of the Heat-Carrier by Productivity up to 10 kg/h

#2485Magnetic Pulse Nonferrous Metals Separator

Development of Machine for Separation of Nonferrous Metals

#2487Equipment for Packing Medical Preparations

Development and Manufacturing of a Pre-Production Model of a Complex of the Equipment on Packing Vaccines and Other Gene-Engineering Preparations (Powder and Liquid) in Bottles ФО-1-10

#2515Beam Technology Complex for Surface Modification

Beam Technology Complex for Surface Modification

#2527Pilot Sample of Ion Plating Facility

Advanced Development of the Unit of Ion Plating with Arc Sources Ensuring Forming of Coatings Without Drops

#2595Industrial Disposal of Antipersonnel Mine

Elaboration of the Scientific and Technological Basis for Solving the Problem of the Industrial Disposal of PFM-1Antipersonnel Mine Stockpiles

#2619New Mixer for Multicomponent Media

Development of a New Conception of the Efficient Industrial Mixer for Making High-Quality Suspensions and Emulsions

#2817High Speed Rolling Bearings

High Speed Rolling Bearings, Bearings-Reducers

#2932Optical Radiation Treatment for Wool

Purification and Treatment of Wool with Optical Radiation

#3103Remote Blasting System for Metal Frame Cutting

Enhanced-Safety Remotely Controlled Blasting System for Metal Structure Cutting

#3912Laser Cutting of Triplex

Development of High-Efficiency Technology for Cutting Triplex Based on Controllable Laser Thermal Cracking