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#0605Laser for Steel Cutting

Development of Precision laser Steel Sheets Cutting Technology for Manufacturing of ATLAS-Spectrometer Hadron Calorimeter Structure Elements.

#1173Self Guided Platform

Development of Universal Self-Guided Platform for the Automation of the Assembly Work on the Earth and in Space

#1255Materials Joining with Metal-Hydrides

Metal Hydride Method for Details Joining

#1895Aircraft Flight Routes Optimization

Synthesizing 4D Flight Paths of Civil Aircraft in the Framework of “Free Flight” Concept

#1949Geoinformation System of Beloyarsk NPP

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring Safety of the Beloyarsk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (GIS-BESL)

#2032Explosive Technology for Metal Processing

Optimization of the Conditions for Dynamic Effects in the Explosive Metal Processing Technology

#2263Telecommunications Approaches to NPP Emergency Control

Applied Research in Telecommunications and Multimedia Hardware and Software for Online Emergency Control at NPPs

#2279Contingency Planning

Perfecting of Methodology for Counter-Accident Contingency Management Systems Planning at Nuclear and Chemically Hazardous Production Facilities Employing New Information Technologies

#2386Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

Improvement of Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

#2662Managing Systems of Safety for NPP

Development of Managing Safety Systems for NPP

#2671Safety of Smolensk NPP

The Automatized System for Ensuring Safety of the Smolensk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (AS-SESL)

#2702Applied Software for NPP Unit

Applied Software Development for Updated Data-Processing NPP Units with VVER-1000 Reactor

#3484Super High Strength and Plasticity of Metals

Development of methods for production of ultrahigh strength materials basing on combined effect of severe plastic deformation and shock-wave loading

#3553Argon Arc Welding for Pipelines

Improvement of Methods of Automatic Self-Compression Argon Arc Welding for Pipelines

#4092Nanostructure Coatings

Investigation of Plasma Technology for Nanostructure Layer Deposition

#A-1070Humidity Sensor for Glass Display Doors

Humidity Sensor for Glass Display Doors

#A-1452Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

Development of Application Package and Educational Laboratory Equipment for Analysis and Design of Linear and Nonlinear Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

#A-1573Machine for Cutting Wall Stone

The Development of Machine for Cutting Wall Stone of Correct Form from Rock Massive by Strength up to 40 MPa

#A-1579High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

The Technology of Manufacturing of High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

#A-771Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems Based upon ISO-9000 Standards in Enterprises of the Republic of Armenia Earlier Manufactured Military Products, with the Aim to Create Favorable Conditions for their Re-Profiling and Export Promotion of Civil Products