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#0499Computer Vision Technology

New Computer Vision Technology for Object Identification on Patterns and 3D shape Reconstruction on Stereo Image.

#1833Pyrotechnical Cutter with Remote Control

Remote Controlled Pyrotechnical Cutter

#2197Robotized Air Vortex Assembly Units

Creation of Design Theory, Development and Research on Robot-Aided Assembly Complexes of a New Type Based on Using Air Vortex for Parts‘ Orientation and Assembly

#2545Automated System for Recognition of Human Faces

Development of an Automated System of Recognition of Human Faces with Use of Volumetric Performances of Faces

#2645Robot for the Billiards Game

The Robot for the Billiards Game

#3103Remote Blasting System for Metal Frame Cutting

Enhanced-Safety Remotely Controlled Blasting System for Metal Structure Cutting

#3279Drilling from a Submarine

Transformation of Submarine Technologies into Industrial Non-nuclear Under-water/Under-ice Technologies for the Arctic Offshore Drilling

#3296Robot’s Gripping Device

Development of a Robot’s Gripping Device Using the Load-Bearing Elements Based on CuAlNi Mono-Crystal Shape Memory Material

#B-1015New Type Transport Device

Creation of a Pilot Sample of the Transport Tractive Machine Based on a Biomechanical Reciprocating Principle of Motion of Wheels

#G-1057Agrorobot for Control of Vineyards

Agrorobot to Forecast Primary Infections Initiation and Development of Crops Diseases

#G-1136Tea Picking Robotic System

Development, Manufacturing and Testing of the Prototype of Robotic System for Selective Picking of a Tea Leaf; Research of Optimum Performance and Prospects of Improvement

#K-149Ores Breaking Aggregate

Development of a Demonstration Pilot Installation for Continuous Hard Ore Cutting with Production Capacity Increased by 4-5 Times

#K-2416Developing control systems for technological robots and robotic industrial complexes in remote access modes

Developing a distributed robotic complex with remote Internet access and "Industry-4.0" fragments

#KR-1185Nitrogen blasting in open-pits

Technology and Automated System for Hardrock Destruction by Blasting of Condensed Nitrogen

#KR-1379Water Explosives for Mining

Continuous Hard Rock Breaking by Blasting with Water Charges: Technological and Technical Prerequisites for Automated and Environmentally Friendly Open Pit Mines

#KR-1485Training Simulator on Robots

Development and Modelling of a Training Complex of a Simulator on a Robots


Development and Modelling of the Nanorobot