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#1494Improvement of Friction Units in Machinery

Development of a Technique for Enhancing the Reliability of Friction Units in the Pumps of Atomic Power Plants and That of Other Details in Machine Building on the Basis of Achievements in Tribotechnique of Propulsive Device Sets Ships, and in Ion Implant

#1561Fastening Connections

Research of Fastening Joints and Development of Recommendations on Reliability Upgrading

#1793Vibration Reduction in Electric Machines

Investigation and Development of Devices to Reduce Mechanical Vibration and Noise in Electric Machines

#2817High Speed Rolling Bearings

High Speed Rolling Bearings, Bearings-Reducers

#3338Turbomachine Shaft Gas Seal

Creation of Gas Seal for Shaft

#3398Hermetic Sealing for Movable Joints

The Development of the New Principle of Hermetic Sealing of Movable Joints and Construction of an Ideal Sealing Element (on an Example of Oil Producing Equipment)

#3619Metal Alloys for Mechanical Engineering

Theoretical and Technological Basis of Synthesis of Metal Alloys for Heavy-duty Mechanical-engineering Components

#3989Multicomponent Synergetic Shells

Multicomponent Synergetic Shells of Refractory Interstitial Phases with Substructural Metal Sublayer for Double Protection and Safety Enhancement of Industrial Materials Application under Ionizing Radiation Effect

#4036Antifriction Carbon Coatings-Orientants

New Generation of Antifriction Carbon Coatings-Orientants

#4092Nanostructure Coatings

Investigation of Plasma Technology for Nanostructure Layer Deposition

#A-1387Nanoamorphous Polymers with Metals

New Nanoscale Metal- Containing Polymeric Compounds on the Basis of Structure-less (Amorphous) Metals and their Derivatives

#A-2311Synthesis of nanostructured coatings for medical implants

The development of ion-plasma processes synthesis of nanostructured carbon, nitride and oxide coatings for medical implants

#G-1277Coating Friction Knots

Development of Wear-Resistant and Ecologically Clean Methods of Coating of Friction Knots, Using the Raw Resources of the Region

#G-2210Compositions of titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides

Preparation and research of composite ceramic materials containing titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides for multifunctional application

#G-2383Railway Transport Efficiency.

Perfection of The Traffic Safety, Ecological Compatibility and Efficiency of The Railway Transport by Development of The New Resource-saving Technology

#G-867Local Stresses and Contact Interactions of Elastic Bodies

Delocalization and Localization of Stresses and Contact Interactions of Elastic Bodies. Contact Interactions of Rough-Surface bodies in Terms of Micropolar Elasticity

#G-911Pipeline Hydrotransport Durability

Development of Plasma Technology for Restoring Worn Surfaces of Hydraulic Transport System Equipment and Determining their Wear Resistance

#G-937Diamond Nanocrystals via Tribosynthesis

Conversion of Amorphous Carbon, Suspended in Oil, to Nano-Size Diamond Crystallites via Tribosynthesis Improving Endurance of High-Loaded Wearing Surfaces