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#0722Mathematical Models for Nuclear Medicine

Development and Application of Mathematical Modeling for Nuclear Medicine Dynamic Studies

#0882Nuclear Activity Monitoring System

Development of an Intelligent System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Peaceful Nuclear Activities

#1136Automated Thermal Design of Technical Systems

Elaboration of a Software - Hardware Complex for the Thermal Design of Complex Technical Systems Based on the Inverse Problem Solving

#1195Dynamic Simulator for Power Complex

A Multipurpose Dynamic Electric System Simulator for the RIAR Power Complex

#1302Telecommunication System for Laser Tumor Screening

Telecommunication System of laser Analyzers for Screening of Malignant Tumors

#1384Air-Space Images Interpretation

Development of the Processing Schemes, Algorithms and Software for Automated Recognition and Interpretation of Multizone Air-Space Images to Solve a Wide Range of Thematic Problems

#1447Evaluated Data on Nuclear Related Materials

Evaluated Data Exchange Properties of Substances and Materials Utilized and Produced by Nuclear Industry

#1553Concept of Dynamic Safety of Aviation (CoDySa)

Research and Development of Mathematics Models, Hardware and Software for Dynamic Safety of Aviation

#1569Three-dimensional Magneto Hydro Dynamics Code

Three-dimensional Magneto Hydro Dynamics Code in Arbitrary Moving Coordinate System

#1570Radiation Technique Software

Development of Approach, Algorithms and Software Supporting Materials Irradiation and Nuclides Build-up in RBMK Reactor

#1667Geoinformation System

Geoinformation Support of Emergency Service at Especially Hazardous Industrial Facilities

#1680Ural Region Geoinformation System

Geoinformation System for Safe Transportation of Highly Hazardous and Hazardous Cargoes by Motor Vehicles in Sverdlovsk Region and Ekaterinburg

#1710Evaluation Software for Physical Protection Systems

Development of Informational-Analytic System and Software to Evaluate the System of Physical Protection of Nuclear Hazardous Objects and Delivery of Recommendations to Upgrade its Effectiveness

#1738Computer Assessment of MPC&A Systems

Developing the Computerised Procedure Intended to Dynamically Assess the Efficiency of the Nuclear Material Physical Protection, Control and Accounting (MPC&A) System and to Optimize Expenditures Associated with Hazardous Facility Protection and Security

#1748Satellite Image and Signal Processing System

On-board Modular Signal and Image Processing System for Small Ecological Monitoring Satellites

#1817Electronic Course: Dynamics of Compressible Media

Dynamics of Compressible Media: Modern Electronic Course

#1890Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing

Technology for Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing of Gas Dynamics and Heat Conduction Type Problems using Fine-Grain Irregular Parallelization

#1895Aircraft Flight Routes Optimization

Synthesizing 4D Flight Paths of Civil Aircraft in the Framework of “Free Flight” Concept

#1934Software for High Energy Particles Registration

Development of Models and Software to Study and Register Interactions between High-Energy Particles and Matter

#1949Geoinformation System of Beloyarsk NPP

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring Safety of the Beloyarsk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (GIS-BESL)