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#0380Cardiographic Diagnostics

Development of Methodological and Information-Technical Principles of Designing Diagnostic Multichannel Electroencephalografic and Electrocardiografic Systems with Telemetering Communication Channel which are Fixed on a Patient...

#0432Autonomous Robots

Autodriver (Control Systems for Mobile Autonomous Robots)

#0476Earthquake EM-Pulse Propagation

Modeling of Radiopulse Propagation for Environmental Monitoring.

#0677New Concept - RESOURCE

Justification of New Concept to Increase the Resource of the PS+WLS System in the Installations for High Energy Physics

#0759Multiconnected Waveguides for Laser Radiation Focusing

Development and Application of Multiconnected Waveguides in the Problems of Laser Radiation Focusing onto the Areas of Subwavelength Dimensions

#0922.2Wave Tube for TV Transmitter

Development of Powerful High Efficiency Broadband Travelling Wave Tube for ТV Transmitter of New Generation in Band IV-V

#1470Device for Pipe-Leakage Detection

Apparatus for the Search and Determination of Position of Gas and Liquid Fraction Leakages in Underground Pipelines

#1680Ural Region Geoinformation System

Geoinformation System for Safe Transportation of Highly Hazardous and Hazardous Cargoes by Motor Vehicles in Sverdlovsk Region and Ekaterinburg

#1748Satellite Image and Signal Processing System

On-board Modular Signal and Image Processing System for Small Ecological Monitoring Satellites

#1792Book on Knocking Sensors for Car Engine

Publication of the Book «The Design of Knock Sensors for Control Systems of the Car Engine»

#1873Non-Destructive Diagnostics of Transformer Coils

Developing Hardware, Software and Methodical Support for Diagnostics of High-Power Transformer Windings without their Disassembly

#1906Health Monitoring

New Technology of Polyparametric Monitoring for Medical and Ecological Research

#1907Infrared Receivers/Transmitters for Atmosphere Spectroscopy

Tunable IR Parametric Receivers/Transmitters with Heterodyne Detection for Remote Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere with High Spectral Resolution and Probing Distance

#1927Equipment for Fires Detection

The Investigation and Development of the Equipment for the Solution of the Problems of Fire and Environmental Safety

#1953Telecommunication Technique Based on Time Modulation

Development of Receiving and Transmitting Antennas, Tracts and Facilities of Measurement of the Shape of Standard Pulse for Communication Method Based on Time Modulation of the Signals (Time Domain)

#2166Development of cardioanalyzer for differential diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction

Development of a cardiac analyzer for differential diagnosis of an Acute Myocardial Infarction and its complications with the complete planimetric description of ECG signal evolution in natural language

#2320Tomography for Fuel Elements

Development of the Tomographic Methods of Testing of the Fuel and its Components Distribution in Fuel Elements before and after Irradiation

#2346Personal locator radiobeacons application in extreme situations

The Global subsystem of increasing personal defense in extreme situations - “RODONIT”

#2351Acoustic Emission Sensors

Development of Advanced Acoustic Emission Sensors Having the Required Specifications

#2498Expert system of flight safety increase

Complex researches of an opportunity to increase flight safety of civil airplanes with the help of an expert crew emergency decision support system