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#0316Optoelectronic Elements for Supercomputer

Optoelectronic elements and Devices Development for Optoelectronic Supercomputer Design Using New Fundamental Principles

#0331Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Structures

Development of Technology of Production of Some Temperature and Radiation Resistant sic-based Semiconductor Structures

#0913Photocathode Properties

Study of Photocathode Properties in Ultra-High Speed Systems for Registration of the Short-Time Processes

#1047Fiber Optic Communication Lines

Development of Methods and Facilities for Spectral Division Multiplexing in Fiber Optic Communication Lines and Local Nets

#1075Test Lab for ICs against Radiation

Micro-Electronic Radiation Technological and Testing Laboratory -"Lira"

#1091-2Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits

Development of the Project and Creation of Prototypes of Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits for Operation in Extreme Environment


Development of Neuro-Stereo-Display for 3D Visualization

#1162Silicon Carbide Production

Development of Silicon Carbide for Power Field-Effect Transistors and Other Radiation-Hardened Electronics

#1312Microelectronic Basis for Pattern Recognition Systems

Research and Development of the Neuron-Like Microelectronic Component Basis with Data Compression for fast Pattern Recognition Systems in Experimental High Energy Physics, Atomic Stations Robotics, Interactive Computer Systems (NEURON)

#1748Satellite Image and Signal Processing System

On-board Modular Signal and Image Processing System for Small Ecological Monitoring Satellites

#1894New Piezoelectric Materials

Research and Development of New Generation of Piezoelectric Materials for Frequency Control Devices and Sensors of Various Physical Parameters

#2043Light Emitting Structures for Optoelectronics

Light Emitting Rare Earth Doped Si-based Structures for Optoelectronics

#2657Superconducting Molecular Electronics and Molecular Spintronics

Development of Superconducting and Magnetic Molecular Devices Based on Carbon Nanotubes and DNA Molecules

#2659Optical Fibers under Irradiation

Effects Induced by Pulsed and Steady-State Irradiation of Silica Core Fiber Waveguides

#2768Electron Emission from Low-Dimensional Objects

Field Electron Emission from Low-Dimensional Objects: Nanoemitters

#2772Technologies for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Research and Development of Competitive Materials, Technologies and the Equipment for Creation of Micro- and Nanoelectron Devices of New Generation

#3162Josephson Vortices in Layered Nanostructures

Studies of Dynamics of Josephson Vortices in Layered Superconductors for Development of New Fast Operating Devices

#3167Monitoring of Construction State

Design of Fiber-Optic System Intended to Monitor State of Constructions with Peak Temperature at Measure Points up to 1000 °C

#3298Digital System for Video Signals Transmission

Development of Digital Systems for Video Signals and Sensors Signals Transmission through a Fiber Optic Cable in Real Time to Improve the Safety of Nuclear Objects

#3379Metalloxides for Microwave Electronics

Metalloxide layered structures including ferromagnetic and superconducting films for tunable microwave electronic devices