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#0653Energy-Independent Transponder

Development of a Method for Remote Control of Objects Using Energy-Independent Transponder

#1143Terminology Glossary for Nuclear Material Safety

Developing a Computer-Based Terminology Glossary Covering Inregrated Approach to Non-Reactor Nuclear Materials Safety Management

#1319Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting

Development of Automated Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting (NMC&A) Methods for Fissile Material Storage Fasilities (FMSF)

#1323Data Bank on Materials Properties

Data Bank on Phisical-Mechanical Properties

#1553Concept of Dynamic Safety of Aviation (CoDySa)

Research and Development of Mathematics Models, Hardware and Software for Dynamic Safety of Aviation

#1680Ural Region Geoinformation System

Geoinformation System for Safe Transportation of Highly Hazardous and Hazardous Cargoes by Motor Vehicles in Sverdlovsk Region and Ekaterinburg

#1735Civil Technologies Data Base

The Development of Data Base and Servers on Technologies for the Nonmilitary Fields

#1796Nuclear Data for Astrophysics

An Extended Data Base of the Beta-Decay Properties and Nuclear Reaction Rated for Astrophysical Applications

#1949Geoinformation System of Beloyarsk NPP

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring Safety of the Beloyarsk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (GIS-BESL)

#2139Advanced Information and Communication Systems

Advanced Information and Communication Systems

#2150Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

#2166Development of cardioanalyzer for differential diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction

Development of a cardiac analyzer for differential diagnosis of an Acute Myocardial Infarction and its complications with the complete planimetric description of ECG signal evolution in natural language

#2315Monitoring and Control Systems of Nuclear Power Plants

The Database about Equipment Maintenance of Monitoring and Control Systems of Active Units of Nuclear Power Plants with WWER-440, WWER-1000, RBMK-1000 Reactors

#2537Geoinformation System For Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring the Monitoring of Radiation Situation at the Beloyarsk NPP and Inside the 30th km Zone

#2649Analytic Information System on Health Risk Analysis

Development of Analytic Information System to Carry out Analysis of Health Risk from Technogenic and Natural Sources of Harmful Impact

#2671Safety of Smolensk NPP

The Automatized System for Ensuring Safety of the Smolensk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (AS-SESL)

#2848Computer Complex for Analysis of Radiographic Images

Research and Development of Soft Hardware Family for Computer Analysis and Evaluation of Radiographs for Assurance a Better Ecological Safety of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Nuclear Power Engineering and Chemical Industry Institutions

#2957Human Tumors Pathology

The Information System of the Department of Human Tumors Pathology at Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS, on Formalized Gross Descriptions of Different Gastrointestinal Tumors in Oncologic Patients

#3167Monitoring of Construction State

Design of Fiber-Optic System Intended to Monitor State of Constructions with Peak Temperature at Measure Points up to 1000 °C

#3724Detection and Analysis of Graphic Images

LETI - Detection of Graphic Images (Various Format Graphic Images) by Analyzing the Given Fragment Among Number of Various Computer Data