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#0452Liquid Crystal Screen

Development of Fabrication Technology and Bringing to a Commercial Manufacturing Level of a Flat Color Display of Wide Application on Basis of a L.C. Screen with an Active Addressing Matrix.

#1225Optimal Discrete Images Processing

The Method and Program Complex Development for the Optimal Discrete Images Processing

#1297Space Debris Monitoring

Principles Construction Development of the Ground Optical Aperture Synthesis System for the Technogenic Pollution Control of Near Space and Earth Shielding from Dangerous Space Objects

#1748Satellite Image and Signal Processing System

On-board Modular Signal and Image Processing System for Small Ecological Monitoring Satellites

#1817Electronic Course: Dynamics of Compressible Media

Dynamics of Compressible Media: Modern Electronic Course

#2397Development of Technology of Ecotoxicological Control

Development of the System of Ecotoxicological Control in the Territories Subjected to Radioactive and/or Chemical Contamination

#2498Expert system of flight safety increase

Complex researches of an opportunity to increase flight safety of civil airplanes with the help of an expert crew emergency decision support system

#2545Automated System for Recognition of Human Faces

Development of an Automated System of Recognition of Human Faces with Use of Volumetric Performances of Faces

#2575Remote Sensing Data Processing

Environmental Monitoring Based on New Computer and Mathematical Methods of Remote Sensing Data Processing

#2720Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings

Near Real-Time Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings with Images Application

#2848Computer Complex for Analysis of Radiographic Images

Research and Development of Soft Hardware Family for Computer Analysis and Evaluation of Radiographs for Assurance a Better Ecological Safety of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Nuclear Power Engineering and Chemical Industry Institutions

#3115Joulemetric Tomograph

Development of Joulemetric Tomograph for Visualization of Biological Objects

#3152Monitoring and Alarm Control Networks

Market Analysis of Monitoring and Alarm Control Networks Based on Maintained IP Networks

#3298Digital System for Video Signals Transmission

Development of Digital Systems for Video Signals and Sensors Signals Transmission through a Fiber Optic Cable in Real Time to Improve the Safety of Nuclear Objects

#3480Light-Absorbing Coatings for Sattelite-Borne Equipment

Development of Light-Absorbing Coatings for VUV Wave Band

#3724Detection and Analysis of Graphic Images

LETI - Detection of Graphic Images (Various Format Graphic Images) by Analyzing the Given Fragment Among Number of Various Computer Data

#3741Radiographic Inspection of Heavy Metals Containers

Development of Prototype System for Neutron Radiographic Control of Heavy Metal Containers

#B-1126Computer Identification of the Mamma Gland Pathology

Development of Computing Image Recognition Technology of Pathology Processes for Digital Mammography and Methodology of Breast Pathology Screening

#B-1555Thyroid Cancer

Development of Methods, Algorithms and Software for the Analysis of Angiogenic Activity of Thyroid Cancer

#B-1568Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Development of a Technology to Create Expert Systems for Diagnosing Oncological Diseases and Demonstrating Their Efficiency Using Breast Cancer as an Example