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#0314-2Wave HF Plasma Heating

Construction of the High-Frequency System for Plasma Heating (VOLNA)

#0407Opening Switches for Liners

Design and Investigation of Submicrosecond Multimegaamper EMG Opening Switches for Fast-imploded Liners Producing High-Power Hot Plasma Radiation Pulses.

#0508Microturbulent Plasmas

Investigations of Microheterogeneous (Microturbulent) Plasma.

#0551Beam Self-Focusing

"Self-Focusing": Theoretical Investigation of Self-Focusing of a Highly Modulated Beam in a Plasma on the Basis of the Three-dimensional Relativistic Vlasov Equipment.

#0575-2X-Ray Laser and Microscope

X-ray Laser on the Base of Optic Breakdown by Bessel Beam and X-ray Microscope

#0670Multicompound Plasma Radiation

Investigation of the Radioactive Opacity of Compound Chemical Compositions

#0757Laser Produced Plasma of Volume Structured Media

High Intensity Laser-Produced Plasma of the Volume Structured Media

#0776Radiating Plasma Liners

Study of Formation and Magnetic Compression of Plasma Liners Produced by Low Density Heterogeneous Substances

#0862Space Based Plasma Radiators

Development of Effective Plasma Radiators of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves for the Satellite-Based Geological Prospecting

#0906Point Source of X-Ray

Implementation of the Physical Researches in Behalf of Development of Point Source of Incoherent X-Ray Radiation on Z-Pinch

#0950Ionosphere Lighting

Investigation of Lighting Discharges Directed to the Ionosphere

#1025Non-equilibrium Processes in Plasma

Atomic and Radiative Processes in Plasma, Gases and Solids: Non - Equilibrium Nonlinear Spectroscopy in Dense Gases and Plasma

#1088Current Layer Plasma

Research of the Current Layer Plasma Dynamics, Solar Flash Simulations

#1093Monochromatic Soft X-Ray

Generator of Monochromatic Soft X-Ray Radiation for Scientific Researches and Education

#1129Compression Plasma Diagnostics

Development of Techniques for Studying the Space-Time Characteristics of Thermonuclear Plasma in Experiments on Magnetic Compression

#1180Equation of State for a Light Element Plasma

A New Approach to the Equation of State for a Dense Plasma of Light Elements that Generalizes Larkin's Model

#1183Picosecond Plasma Radiation

Radiative Properties of Picosecond-Lazer-Produced Plasmas

#1230Capillary Plasma Discharge

Investigation of Dynamics of Powerful Capillary Discharge Plasma in the Medium of Gas and Metal Vapors

#1303Plasma Technology for Gas Cleaning

Development of Plasma Technologies for Gas Cleaning Utilising Nanosecond Discharges

#1308Repetitive Plasma Injectors

Development of Repetitive Plasma Injectors for a Generator of Superpower Electromagnetic Pulses