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#0892Neutron Source on Muon Fusion

mCF-Based 14-MeV Intense Neutron Source

#1967Magnetic Stabilization in Liner Implosion

Study of Magnetic Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability under Conditions of Liner Implosion by Magnetic Fields Formed by Helical Magnetic Generators

#2814Cryogenic Targets for Inertial Fusion Reactor

Development of a Facility for Producing the Reactor-Scaled Cryogenic Targets and Their Repeatable Assembly with Sabots

#3763Energy Gain at the Impact Initiation of a Fusion Reaction

Energy Gain Optimization in the Fast Ignition Concept at the Impact Initiation of a Fusion Reaction

#3906Beryllium Samples under Tritium Irradiation

Experimental Tests of Plasma-Facing Materials Designed for Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors (Be, W, CFC) under Hot Deuterium-Tritium Plasma and Fast Ion Beam Irradiation