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#0573New Concept of Fusion Reactor

Investigation of New Concept of Energy Source Based on Fusion Reactions.

#0587Tandem Fusion Reactor

Plasma-Physical D3He Fusion Tandem Reactor Model.

#0954Hydrogen-Steam-Air Combustion

Investigation of Nonstationary Combustion of Hydrogen-Steam-Air Mixtures and Decrease of NPP Containment Loads under Severe Accident

#1624Automated Reactor Control System

A Lower Level Automated Control Model System

#2016Floating NPP with Low Enrichment Fuel

Low Enrichment Uranium Core for Floating Nuclear Power Plant Reactor (FNPP) as a way of Resolving Weapon’s Nuclear Material Nonproliferation Problem

#2024Monograph on Boron in Nuclear Engineering

Preparation of the Monograph "Boron in Nuclear Engineering"

#2689Supercritical Pressure Water for Nuclear Power Engineering

Assessment of the Potentialities of the Use of Supercritical Pressure Water for Nuclear Power Engineering

#2878Generation IV Reactor with Solid Coolant

Innovative Concept Development for Solid Coolant Reactor of Generation IV

#3012Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel

Calculational-Theoretical and Design Studies, Preparation of Experimental Works on the Substantiation of the Conceptual Design of Small Power Installation MARS (Autonomous Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel)

#3099Purification of Sodium Coolant

Generalization of the Experience of Investigations on Maintenance of Sodium Coolant Purity

#3395Thermochemistry for Liquid Radwaste Treatment

Development of Thermochemical Technology for Liquid Radwaste Pre-Disposal Treatment

#3587Monograph on Fuel Elements

Preparation of the Monograph “Fuel Elements with Vibropacked Oxide Fuel”

#3936Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident Conditions

Study of Fuel Assemblies with Boron Carbide Absorber Rods under Severe Accident Conditions in the PARAMETER-SF Tests Series

#3941Gas Cooled Fast Reactor

Examination of the ETDR Engineering Decisions, Development of Proposals for their Improvement, Analytical and Experimental Studies of Properties of Advanced Fuel and Materials of GCFR Fuel Assembly in the BOR-60

#3944Atomic Energy in East Europe

Meeting Energy Needs in Selected European Countries Faced with a Shortage of Raw Material Resources

#4001Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials

Development of Technology for Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials, Investigation of Composition and Protective Properties of Nanocomposites

#A-10193-Module Security System at NPP

Development of 3-Module Security System (Control over Vibrations, Coolant’s Leaks, and Shocks) at Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)

#A-1837Safety and Integrity of Nuclear Fuel

Development of Neutronics Model for the Use in the Analysis of Fuel Safety and Fuel Cladding Mechanical Integrity

#A-2227WWER Fuel with accident tolerant cladding

Study of Accident-Tolerant Claddings for WWER Type Fuel

#G-1270Cement-base compound materials

The Development of Models Making Allowance for the Actual Properties of Cement-Base Compound Materials Exposed to Various Actions and Loads Ascertaining the Characteristics of Fine Concrete and Steel Fibrous Concrete for the Improvement of Construction An